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    Default CSS - hooking up Computer to TV?

    We are newbies, so this may be a silly question BUT does anyone know if you can hook up your computer to the TV at CSS? We like to bring shows that we haven't had time to watch all year with us!

    If so, what sort of connection do you need?

    If not, is there a DVD player in the room?

    12 days till Jamaica!!

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    There is not a DVD player. We took a poratable DVD player and it was simple to hook it up with standard AV 3 wire plugs. I am pretty sure the TV in our room has S video also. Not sure what hook ups your computer has but if you have some way of using standard AV or S video you should be fine. We did end up using our DVD player some since it rained so much while we were there in December. If it had not rained I doubt we would have ever used it.

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    @kycouple - That's exactly what I needed to know! Thanks so much!

    We usually just like to watch a show between the beach and supper - or, like you say, when the weather is poor...or if *someone* over did it the day before and doesn't want to leave the room!

    Thanks again!

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    Sometimes leaving the room can be a problem. It's a romancey, 'Couples'y sort of thing! ;-) Take your laptop and if you can't watch your shows by connecting to the TV then just put the laptop on your, err, lap and watch the shows like that. I agree that some shows are much more enjoyable when viewed on a bigger screen though and the laptop computer can be an irritation too! ;-))

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    That's what we've done in the past - but I was hoping to avail myself of the nice TV...oh well, I'm sure that either way we will be perfectly happy - it IS Jamaica, after all!

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    We were at CSS in April and used an HDMI cable to connect to the TV.

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    Yay! That's what I wanted to hear! My computer has an HDMI output - so that is the best case for us!


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