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    Default Atlanta airport hotels

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a hotel close to the Atlanta airport? We travel from the Bloomington Illinois airport but we either only have a 40 minute layover or a 3 to 4 hour layover. At Atlanta 40 minutes is not enough and 3 to 4 hour layovers does not allow us to get to Jamaica until the middle of the afternoon.

    We are considering flying into Atlanta a night early and take the earliest flight out the next morning. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Most of the Atlanta Airports have free airport shuttles. We usually stay at the Embassy Suites on Southport Road (1/2 mile from the airport) which not only has the airport shuttle but will also shuttle you around the area which is great for hitting some nice spots to eat and relax the evening before.

    There are plenty of other hotels within a couple miles of the airport. If you belong to a hotel frequent user / VIP club - you may want to see if they have a hotel located by the airport so that you get the rewards points. DO NOT get a rental car.........use the shuttles.

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    Tim, we live several hours south of Atlanta and often stay the night prior to departure. You have a large number of choices from moderate to expensive. For our trip next week, we are staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Best Road. I corresponded directly with the manager and they have their own shuttle to and from the airport and breakfast beginning at 6am or a to go bag as early a 4:00am

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    Embassy Suites in College Park, Free Happy Hours and a real breakfast in the morn I think they have a free shuttle to and from the airport. However, I would do the 3 hr layover and get there a day earlier! Rooms are never ready early in the day anyway. You are trading a 3 -4 hr layover for a 12 or more hr layover............

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    I live in memphis and most all of our layovers are in ATL. We always stay at one of the Marriott gateway hotels (Spring hill Suites (free breakfast, internet) or Marriott Airport Gateway). They are on the airport tram (SKY train) route, so you cant get more convenient than that!!

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    We live about 1 hour south of Atlanta. We used to catch the 8:30Am Air Jamaica flight before they pulled out of Atlanta. We always went up and stayed the night before at the Renaisannce Concourse Atllanta Airport Hotel. It is a great hotel. They have a shuttle that starts every morning around 5:00 AM, and runs to the Airport every 15 or 30 minutes. It is about a 5 minute ride and they drop you off at the door to the terminal. It also provides rides back to the Hotel. If you get a room on the back side, you have a big sliding glass window with a door that goes out onto a balcony. It has a geat view of the taxiway and the Atlanta Airport, it is fascinating to watch the comings and goings of the Air traffic at the worlds busiest Airport. It is a great Hotel. I highly recommend it. Look at it on their website.

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    A couple of websites that I have used to find a hotel around O'Hare: and I have found the ratings to be pretty accurate, and the prices very reasonable. Have a nice. trip.

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    Here is a site that was recommended on here a few weeks ago. I found a hotel at our home airport and saved about $60.00 compared to what I was being quoted directly from the hotel. Hope it helps.;radius=15

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    We drive to ATL from Nashville the night prior to catching the early flight. We stay at the Westin @ the Airport because they provide a shuttle to and from the airport that is free (we tip the driver), and also have a secure lot to keep the car in.
    We have received great service from them and the beds are super comfortable.
    Have fun on your trip! 129 days until we return

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