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    Default CSS Room quality

    I have searched and found some negative commenst on CSS room quality. From what I can see it looks like just a couple disastisfied peeps but I worry. My wife and I are scheduled to arrive at SCC in November and we want it to be great.

    We have a penthouse reserved, I do see some talk about buildings, what is the best place for a penthouse suite?

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    I've seen this too. I know there are problems with Trip Advisor, but when I see a consistent statement (that the resort and its rooms seem run down or in need of renovation/updating), I worry about it. (We're in a penthouse, too, RicV!) Please don't answer with an indictment of Trip Advisor - can anyone comment as to whether the rooms need updating? Frequent comments have been that the linens are worn down, the upholstered chairs are as well, etc.

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    We were at CSS last August ... the rooms were in excellent shape. I believe that the renovations of all rooms is now complete.

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    We were at CSS in January; we had stayed at CSA previously. We stayed in a beachfront jacuzzi suite. I found our room to be a "step-up" from the beachfront rooms at CSA as far as furnishings and amenitites (a double sink at CSS, for example). I can't comment on the penthouse rooms, though, as we did not tour any.

    I will say this: if you are looking for marble, ceramic tile, and brass fixtures, Couples is not the place for you. This is not to say that the rooms are not comfortable, clean, with lots of nice details (the ceiling fans in the rooms at CSS and CSA are such a nice touch). I saw one review on TA that complained that the grout work in the bathrooms was not very well done. I guess to each his own. I can't imagine being upset about the grout work.

    My only complaint about the rooms at both CSS and CSA is that I wish they would have more drawer space. If you are staying for more than a few days, the single 3 drawer cabinet is not enough. But then again, there may be more drawer space in the penthouse suites. I really think that you will love the rooms.

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    I think CSS has the best room of all the Couples resorts. They are all suites that are very nice. We love the one bedroom ocean suites the best and know others that swear by the penthouses. Both those room types are up on the cliff with spectacular views. Others prefer the beach front suites to be near most of the action. They are all good.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I THINK the penthouse suites (or at least some of them) were located on Block D on the top floor.

    This is a lovely block - we stayed in D4 and D5 - and it was right in the middle of everything. Beautiful views. Can't say more.

    Just before we left for CSS, I was stressed out about getting a 'nice' room. All i can say, is that ALL the rooms have something nice about them - some have amazing views, but steep walks and lots of steps, others have no steps and are opposite the main pool, but not much of a view.

    In our opinion, D Block was just great and we can thoroughly recommend it.

    Tracy and Graham

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    I don't know about the penthouse, but we stayed in a One Bedroom oceanview and loved the room. It was clean, well kept. We never had any bugs. Don't worry, you stay will be great.

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    We just reserved for February, and just wondering, but do the Penthouse Suites have jacuzzi tubs as well?

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    We were at CSS in May. We did the SR so didn't get a choice of room.

    The first room they put us in was sort of dark & not very well kept - stains on the bedspread, closet doors/cabinets that would not close, etc. & VERY small with no place to even put our 2 suitcases. We're not that picky about our room normally but the thing about the room that made us request a different room was that it had an incredibly loud racket that we thought was coming from the air conditioner. They sent the repairman but it was not the air conditioner & they had no idea where it was coming from even after checking in the rooms around ours so they moved us. The room we ended up in was much bigger & much brighter & in great condition with tons of closet space & drawer space. We loved it. It was nicer than the rooms we always get at CN & the one we had when at CSA. Even had a great view of the beach, ocean, & pool area. From all the people we talked to while at CSS, everyone loved their room so don't think you have any worries.

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    Default My fingers are crossed

    I hope the rooms at CSS are as advertised. Everyone seems to have their own opinions as to which are the best. We booked a 1 bedroom beachfront suite (with a jaccuzi). I hope we are not dissappointed. I guess we'll know come May 8, 2010.

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    In April we stayed in a 1 bedroom beachfront suite (with jacuzzi tub) and the condition of the room and furnishings, towels etc were excellent. Met a couple staying in the Penthouse suite and they said their room was suburb.

    I have read several postings on Trip Advisor regarding CSS and other resorts which I know to be false or simply don't ring true.

    You will love CSS!

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    There are no bad rooms, it is all a matter of personal preferance. After our visit in 08 which we were lucky enough to tour all the room categories because our group was large enough for us to have one of each room category, we did a tour one morning of each other's rooms.

    We had the 1 bdrm oceanview w/balcony, and were torn for our 2010 trip as to whether or not we wanted the Beachfront w/jacuzzi...... I was flip flopping like crazy and my husband who never says a word one way or the other said "I want what we had, I'm not giving up that balcony". Ask and you shall receive my love.......... decision made.

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