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    Default dinner reservations

    when do dinner reservations need to be made by?
    we are newbies heading to CSA in september. can't wait!

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    You will need to make your dinner reservations when you get to the resort--unless you book a private dinner and those you can book in advance.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    after you arrive at the resort no more than two reservations at one time
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    You can't make reservations until you arrive. At CTI we get a form to reserve our dinners and you can list your preferential times and then turn in at Guest Services. Not sure if it's the same for CSA, other than reservations can't be made until you get there.

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    great, thanks! my husband wanted to make sure we didnt miss out on some great eats!

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    Have a quick question, vacation is to relax, so we do not like to be on any type of time schedule. Is it possible, if we do not make reservations for dinner, can we just stop by and see if there are any last minute openings for dinner that same night. If not, no big deal, was just wondering. This is our first time to CSA, and from what I have read, there is NO BAD meal there, Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh he'll get great eats... whether its at the Palms, Feathers, or the grills, the food is always great and plentiful. For SweptAway, in case you're not aware, you need reservations for Feathers and for LemonGrass... the other restaurants are walk-in.


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    For dinner, Patois and the Palms do not require reservations. Only once in 5 trips have we been told there would be a wait for a table at the Palms for dinner. Feathers and Lemongrass do book up - it isn't likely that you would be able to walk up and get a table during the evening. We have, however, been able to get a reservation for Feathers the same day (made a reservation in the morning for the same evening).

    You can actually make reservations three days in advance once you get to CSA. After you check in, stop at the Concierge desk, and you can make a reservation for both Lemongrass and Feathers if you like.

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