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Thread: Secrets of CN

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    There appear to be two types of suggestions here, both are interesting and helpful. Thanks all. 49 days!

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    a little surprised this thread doesnt have half as many replies as the CSA thread? Im heading to both places this month...

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    Loving this thread! Someone tell me where to find the intertwined "Couples" logo trees....tried to find them on our last trip but fell short. Really want to find them this time! 53 more days!

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    I'm a little surprised certain posts made it to the board!

    have an amazing trip! i love CN!

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    Bump for more great ideas!!

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    Sip champagne while playing bocce ball at sunset...while still in bathing suits. One of my happiest memories with my hubby.

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    Giving this a bump since I'll be at CN in 16 days~!~ Was going to make my own thread but a quick search revealed this topic has come up time and again. The Secrets of CSA thread is still alive and well, but Secrets of CN seems to get buried.

    Anymore secrets I should know about!

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    Default Starfish

    A repeater told me to try snorkeling from the beach at about 4:00-5:00PM. It was great! Starfish appear by the dozens. I also saw some kind of small sea snake and a live conch. I just floated around in the deeper part of the swim area. By deep, I mean like 4'-6' depth.

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    hello i see you are from MN so are we... We will be in negril this year in december ...reach out to us and let us know if you would like to maybe chat...and yes there are some "special" places and things going on...Its JAMAICA MON


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    We can't wait to go to CN. We have not been to Negril at all. Only the north coast. Looking forward to it.

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    As repeaters know part of the charm of the Couples resorts is the staff. What staff members at CN standout?

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    This thread is the reason why I always do my research! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by katyandkedrick View Post
    hello i see you are from MN so are we... We will be in negril this year in december ...reach out to us and let us know if you would like to maybe chat...and yes there are some "special" places and things going on...Its JAMAICA MON


    Hi katy,

    We too will be back this Dec! When are you arriving? It would be fun to meet up!


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    Richard, Sugar, Jovane, and Jermaine in the Scuba/Watersports area are our favorite staff by far. You have to meet any or all of them. They are great guys!!!

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    Default Great posts ... We're visiting Dec 13th - 20th: One Year Anniversay!

    Great suggestions! Looking forward to relaxing and enjoying CN -- especially AN and some sun. Married last December at CTI and celebrating!!

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    Just got back from CN! My family and I had a blast on the sunset cat cruise!! Sailing, swimming through a cave, going of the slide, and drink rum punch was the perfect ending to our week long wedding-moon

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    I'll tell you all a secret.

    By the time this gets seen by a moderator and posted I WILL BE AT COUPLES NEGRIL! yayy!


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    Bumping for more secrets please We will be at CN for our first Couples experience in November!!

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    past the dive shop are little boats,ask the guy to take you out to lobster island and when you get there pick out your lobster and they will serve you a meal and the place is great and you will not forget the experience,and take a picture of their radio wired up to a battery redneck at its finest

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    I think the biggest secret of CN or any of the Couples resorts is that you will be continually surprised. I am a planner and a very organized person but when I get to CN, I just let all that go away and just " see what happens". It is awesome to just walk around a corner and fall into a rum drink making class. Another time I came upon a group sipping champagne and painting rocks! Ha! and jumped in. One day I felt like taking a kayak out and explored the bay by myself. Loved it. Another time, we had planned on going on the catamaran and just couldn't pull ourselves off the beach at that time. We stayed.-went another day. It will be the most fun and relaxing vacation of your life. We are set for trip#10.

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    Permanentvaca: how far of a paddle is the private beach landing and is it around to the left or right as you're facing the ocean? How private also, i.e. could you grab a couple of redstripes and a snack and have a little romantic picnic just the two of you?

    There are some great ideas here too....keep them coming. It's been 6-7 years since we were last at CN. I'm trying to remember any special secrets we discovered and will post accordingly.

    I think someone has mentioned the garden hammocks...there are several, pretty secluded, between trees, somewhat hidden at night.

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    Bump.would love to read more "secrets"

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    Yes please and hurry up with more ideas......not to rub it in but we only have 5 days before we go

    Has anyone else tried the kayak to the private beach landing?

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    If the "Secrets of CSA" thread is getting bumped, this one should be, too!

    May 18th will be our fifth time to Couples and first to CN, so please let us in on her secrets!

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    Bumping for more secrets!
    Marc & Beth - Michigan

    CSA Nov 2011
    CSA/CN Split Oct 2014

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