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Thread: Secrets of CN

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    Bumping for more secrets!!! We will be there for the first time in 13 days!!!

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    None of these things are exactly secrets, but a few things my husband and I enjoyed when we were there Dec 2013 were:
    -exploring the resort our first full day there-we found a lot of neat plants/flowers, and it made the resort feel more like home the rest of the trip because it felt more familiar
    -going to the manager's reception!! We met a lot of the staff and a few couples our age and continued to hang out and talk with them for the remainder of our trip. We still talk to one couple on a regular basis!
    -laying in the hammocks on the beach or by the spa at night and just relaxing and enjoying paradise
    -pineapple syrup on waffles at breakfast
    -Finding cookies on the second floor of the main building overlooking the pool; also, sometimes around mid-late afternoon, there were desserts by the gift shop (nice in case you're craving something other than ice cream at that time of day)
    -the best lasagna in the world at Heliconia!!!
    -complimentary champagne and 30 min couples massage for our honeymoon (we brought a program from our wedding to prove that it was within 30 days of the wedding)
    -listening to a guitarist/singer Monday night on the beach-he was amazing and it was so relaxing
    -participating in the couples massage class
    -attending the margarita class
    -swimming into the cave on the Catamaran cruise and then watching the native boys scale the wall and dive off

    I'm sure you will LOVE it!! Just be ready to relax and have fun!

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    Thank you! We are so excited!!

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    rhallva....Thank you for sharing your pictures.!

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    Excited about returning Nov 2-7. Any new secrets? We had fun dressing up for Halloween at CN in 2014. And the Margaritaville trip was really fun too.

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    Returning for our 2nd trip in 11 days!!! Couldn't be more excited!!

    Little tidbit not everyone might know:
    Go have some conversation with the guards near the beach in the evening if you want to have some fun crab hunting and learning adventures! While we were strolling the grounds one evening with our little flashlight looking for crabs.... we ran into the nicest 2 guards who gave us all kinds of neat information about them, helped us locate quite a few big ones and see them up close and personal. Just be warned.... they might try to tease you with them if they see you are somewhat squirmy. But all in good fun!

    Cannot wait to try some of the more secluded hammocks, hot tubs, and benches on the grounds in the evenings!

    Any more secrets or tips for us before we go?!?
    Julie and David
    CN Oct 2012
    Oct 2016

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