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    Default CSS Verandah Suites all on ground floor?

    While researching on TA, I found a post indicating that all ocean verandah suites were on the ground floor- can anyone verify if that's the case? I ask because I have a phobia of large bugs, and staying on the ground floor makes me nervous- when we were at CN last year, I [stupidly] left a daquiri glass in the bathroom, and when I got up in the wee hours (without my glasses on) to "do my business", I discovered (after peering very closely as to why a cigar would be in the glass) there was a ginormous (3+ inches) bug in it that scared the bejesus out of me! I was hoping to be on a non-ground floor to avoid creepy crawlies (ants and flies don't bother me)... I wonder if I can upgrade when we arrive if need be (we will be there in 14 short days). Any insights are appreciated!

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    Well, I didn't get any responses, so I went ahead and upgraded to the 1 bedroom ocean suite, to be on the safe side... 9 days and counting- very excited. If anyone wants to throw any building/room # recommendations my way, that would be great.

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    Sorry I didn't see this post! We always stay in the beachfront suites and always request a second floor. I do know you can upgrade once you are there if they have something else available. I don't think they are all on the ground floor though, but saying that, I believe you made an excellent choice! Both in room and resort!

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