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    Default Newbie - planning 1st trip and wedding for!! :)

    Hi! I have read through some posts here and there and everything sounds awesome!! Myself and my fiance are planning a wedding for June of right now it looks like we are leaning towards CSA. Anyone have any wedding pictures or anything they can share? My email is

    We are planning to spend 2 weeks, so we were thinking of doing 2 resorts. I also was thinking about trying the AN beaches...seems like that should b a requirement on your wedding/honeymoon no? haha but doesnt seem CSA has one.

    Niether me nor him have been to Jamaica so we are really excited!

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    We are planning a wedding at CSA for June 2012 also. Our best friends just got back last night from having thier wedding at Tower Isle. The pictures are wonderful and they both swear that it was the best time they have ever had. Also Tower Isle has an AN beach.

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    Well congrats CouplesVirgin2012 on your upcoming wedding and we have picked CSA for our wedding in Dec of 2012 so thinking you have made a great choice and then we also have booked CN for 7 nights on that same trip and we are calling that our honeymoon...just another excuse to stay longer but it sounded good! oh and if I'm going to go that far we have booked 7 nights at CTI before we go to CSA for the wedding for a little pre-wedding trip!! We decided we wanted to see it all so by golly we are doing that! Congrats again!

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    CSA is an AWESOME choice you will love every minute there!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Hubby and I are hitting CSA for the first time this December and doing a vow renewal for our 10 year anniversary.

    I have found a great amount of help seeing what ceremonies look like at CSA by visiting the wedding thread. Many brides love showing off their images and post either images directly to the site here or links to either Facebook, a photo sharing site, or their photographer's link. Try there for photographs. I will say, from everything I've seen, CSA does a great job of it!

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    Same here, CSA is simply awesome! I guess we are not Couples "virgins" anymore We just got back this yesterday and we were only there for a week. It was wonderful and everything we had expected and more. We logged over 1400 photos and videos from CSA, trust me, you need 2 weeks there to do everything. We really only had a chance to do the big excursions.

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