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    Default single digit count down!

    we are doing the single digit dance! come everyone do a twirl for us!! whoo whoo!

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    AWESOME the anticipation is almost HERE!! have a wonderful trip
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    we are too!!!!! woohooo!

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    OMG congrats on the single digit dance!! whoo whoo for you guys!!

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    We are twirling right there with you...8 more days for us...can hardly wrap my head around it!!!

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    jamaicanushappy we are 8 days and counting too! whoo whoo! see ya there!
    whoo whoo! still twirlling!

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    My husband and I are doing our HAPPY DANCE!!! Only 4 days left!!!! Sans Souci and SSB here we come!!!!


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    5 more sleeps at home and 1 ( although you are way too excited to sleep and are getting up in the middle of the night anyway) sleep in Philly and we will be on our way!!!The packing has begun :}

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    Us too....4.5 days and we cant wait...

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    I am doing the single digit dance today. WooHoo!!!!!!!

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    5 days and counting! twirling like a crazy girl! whoohoo!!

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    We`re nine days away from paradise.

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    We're down to 5 more sleeps!!!!!!!!! Am beyond excited :-) I think hubby is more excited than I am - LOL - he's already putting outs clothes to pack and yesterday he checked the long range weather forecast. By the looks of things it might be cooler in Negril than it is in Toronto this week.

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    Only 44 more HOURS!!! Packing nearly completed...look out we come!!!

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