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    Good Morning! Got home at 1:30 AM this morning from CSA. We had a wonderful time except for the sand fleas that got both my hubby and Me, all over our legs and arms. There must be 100's of them. My legs are swollen and so itchy. Someone told me next time to bring Avon's Skin so Soft. My hubby got welts and had to se the doctor at Swept Away and cost a fortune. He is going to see his doctor today. I am suffering and just putting cortizone cream on. Back to work tomorrow. Miss the staff already. They were wonderful. Love our Atrium room 2121, last time we were there we were in 2122. Next time we go we will ask for the same room. Enjoy your time with CSA, it's a memory to never forget.

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    OMG I am so sorry to hear about the sand fleas getting your hubby and you all over your legs and arms...that just makes we want to scratch my legs and arms! sorry about the expensive doctors call too! Hope all is well with you guys soon! Going to CSA for the first time Dec of 2012 so I'll remember to pack the Skin So Soft and heck maybe even some cortizone cream also! Take care Shabo!

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    Gald you had a wonderful time besides the bites...always good to bring off or skin so soft anywhere on the beach
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    Is this typically a problem?

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    We have only been there October/November time so I cant help but wonder if they are worse certain times of the year. Anyone know?

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    The best thing to do for bugs in Jamaica is to take vitamin B1 for 2 weeks before your trip and while you are there. There is a smell that comes through your pores that only the bugs can smell and they won't come near you. 5 Trips to Jamaica and not a single bite.

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    I tend to be a walking banquet feast for bugs and Iíve also found those Insect Repellent Wristbands work wonders for me. I wear them on both my wrist and my feet THEN at night I put it on the night table by my side of the bed to ward off any bugs that may want to have a midnight snack!

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    I know that everyone is different, but we have been to Couples CSA five times in December and once in April. No bites Of course, we don't go out into the grass or sand after dark without bug spray. During the daytime we never found a need. It should be manageable.

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    I seem to attract every insect that bites, and have not had any problems unless I went out onto the beach after dusk (I would assume this would apply to very early in the morning as well, but that has never been an issue for us). A quick spray of the legs with the insect repellant of your choice from about the knee down before heading out for dinner should be enough to protect you.

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    Interesting.....we have been to Jamaica numerous times and have never encountered sand fleas. Mozzies and biting flies but not sand fleas.

    On a recent trip to Roatan Honduras we endured a horrible 2 weeks with sand fleas. What worked best when I remembered to use it was Buggspray You can get it at www dot Buggspray dot com there is a variety that has an added ingredient for biting flies as well. DEET does NOTHING for biting flies!!

    If you happen to still get bit by "things" that itch we found that Calamine lotion works best! While in Honduras we tried Benedryl creme, tablets, ammonia, alcohol, over proof rum and a host of local remedies. The ONLY thing that helped was a $3.00 bottle of Calamine lotion. It now comes in a clear formula so you do not have to walk around with pink dots all over you

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    Default Thanks Everyone

    Hi! Still have the bite marks on me. Probably be here for awhile. Never went out on the beach at night and did go early morning, but I didn't have my bites until the day we left. At first I thought they were bed bugs but they weren't. We walked back from Patios where we had the repeaters dinner on Monday night before we left and maybe walking back to the atrium they bit me through my pants. Next time I will bring Skin so Soft. I usually don't get bites. This is the first time we ever had a problem at CSA. Just have fun and enjoy. Wish I was there now.

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