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    Default Penthouse Bldg D or E

    We are staying in a Penthouse Suite at CSS next year for the first time. We usually stay in a Beachfront. I have read reviews that some like Block D and some prefer Block E. I was wondering what the views are like from each building. We would love to be able to see the beach and the ocean. Do either of these buildings have that type of view or is it just looking out over the ocean? We have also read that Block D is quieter, which we would prefer. We realize we cannot reserve any special room ahead of time but would still like to make a request when we arrive. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    We stayed in Penthouses E-10 in '08 and in D-14 in '09. D-14 had it all over E-10 in many ways.
    The view from both is fantastic though. E-10 faces pretty much straight north with a view of the mineral pool to your right and the back of building D to your left. You cannot see the beach from E Building but the view is awesome. Looking straight ahead is the beautiful water with the lush vegitation and the fitness center down below. The balcony is a decent size with both a table & chairs and chaise loungers.
    The E-10 Penthouse has a very large living room with a galley area with your mini bar and a sink. The bedroom is down a hall and has a very small bathroom. This looks like it could have been a "kitchenette" apartment at one time. Room service took about 5 minutes or less to get a drink since it's just steps away from the Balloon Bar which is also where the entertainment is most nights. We were always out at night so if you retire early, the noise from the entertainment could be an issue I suppose. For us it wasn't though.
    D-14 has a massive balcony that looks over the water to your right, beach straight ahead and the beautiful grounds and Palazzina to your left. It has 2 seperate rooms each with French doors to the balcony and a half bath besides the very large bathroom with a huge walk in shower. D-14 is very quiet and having dinner on the balcony overlooking the grounds lit up at night was incredible and very romantic. We've been fortunate to have stayed in some pretty nice rooms while on vacation with great views in our 32 years of marriage but none can compare to the balcony of D-14 at CSS.
    I hope that helps and I hope they are able to grant whichever building you request when you arrive.
    No matter what, you picked the most beautiful and romantic of all the Couples resorts. We are beach lovers and went to CN & CSA the last 2 trips. It's time for us to head back to CSS in 2012!

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    Hi Brenda and Bruce,
    My husband and I have stayed in PH Suites in both buildings. In D Block we stayed in the Steve McQueen Suite. It over looked the main beach, lawn, and we also had a beautiful view of the hillside. The balony was HUGE with a sofa, coffee table, 2 lounge chairs, and a table with 4 chairs. It also had the huge walk in shower and a half bath right at the front door which really came in handy after a long day on the beach after a lot of rum punches!!! The room was very quiet and private.

    In E Block we stayed in E-12, the FrangiPani Suite. It had an amazing view of the ocean and the Mineral Pool. We loved the room because we were so close to the Balloon Bar and we could take the steps down the were right next door to Pallzina. I will admit that it could be quite noisy in the evening because your bedroom is right next to the Balloon Bar; however, after a couple of nights I got used to it and it was fun some nights to sit on our balcony and listen to the entertainment and dance too. The balcony was visible from other blocks of rooms, and it had 2 loungers and a table with 4 chairs.

    I hope this helps!

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    We were in E-10 (Jacaranda Suite) this April. Our view was of the ocean and mineral pool (see image gallery below for pics from our balcony). We would have preferred the D building, but it's the luck of the draw. We expected and didn't mind the walking and climbing. If we were doing it over again though, we think we'd go for the Beachfronts (A or B Bldgs) since they are more centrally located for our activities.

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    Just to add to my post, D-14 is the Steve McQueen Suite that suzyQ mentions above.
    And I see by liquid's post that E-10 is the Jacaranda Suite...I couldn't remember the name of that one.

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    Thank you to everyone for responding. I appreciate all of the details. I think Bldg. D would be perfect for us. We will keep our fingers crossed. This will be our 8th trip to Couples. 2 to CTI, 3 to CSS and 3 to CN

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