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    Default Special Message to all Couples West Coast Fans - New Service to Montego Bay

    Finally a great way to get back home to Couples Resorts!!! Thank you US Airways!

    Experience true Jamaican charm in Montego Bay. Known for its many restaurants and bars, duty-free shopping and vibrant nightlife, you'll want to join in the fun and soak in the warmth of Jamaica's second largest city. Also known for its natural beauty, you'll enjoy miles of coral reef, clear, turquoise water and stunning mountains and waterfalls.

    Beginning on December 17, 2009, you can fly nonstop on US to Montego Bay from our Phoenix hub. Now 28 west coast cities will enjoy one-stop, same day service to this popular Caribbean destination.

    Shandi a.k.a Andi Conway
    Director of Sales and Marketing, Couples Resorts

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    If only we could get non-stop from Denver.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I don't know who told you that Arizona was the west coast but they apparently forgot about California.

    Or they know something about earthquakes that the rest of us don't.

    Great news though !
    nobody's favorite poster

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    That would be nice but Coloradojuli, I need non-stop from San Diego. As it is, I will take the jump to Phoenix then to MJB anyday over the SD to Atlanta flight. This trip we will try Continental to Houston with an over night and then on to MBJ. In Seven days But who is counting????

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    Default No help for LA

    Too bad USAir is alomst $400 more per couple and has less desireable times than the competetion from LAX. We still hold out hope that some carrier will pick up the nonstop LAX to MBJ route that Air Jamaica dropped. We really miss that AJ redeye direct flight! We would land at around 6:30am and be at the resort for breakfast and usually had a late flight out so we could have an extra hour or two as well.

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    Yay! That is AWESOME news!

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    How about non-stop from LAX or SFO or any other California hub?

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    LAX is actually not better from San Diego if you can imagine that! It costs a fortune to fly those 100+ miles...Driving takes some time but we did the AJ a couple times and it was cool to land soooo early....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilkat View Post
    How about non-stop from LAX or SFO or any other California hub?
    At the time we booked (late this past May), there weren't any non-stops out of LAX. Obviously we would have grabbed such a flight had it been available - ain't nuthin like non-stop in my book. Maybe it's changed since then, but I doubt it. At least the Mrs and I can take a little comfort in knowing our flight is free, thanks to cashing in some of our miles with AA. But we still would have loved an opportunity for a non-stopper.

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    Default Yippee

    This is great for us in Reno - we now can make the trip in one day with out changing planes 15 times- or so it seems!

    Looking forward to trying it out....

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    Same for us in SLC! Our last trip was SLC to Vegas to Charlotte to MBJ. SLC to Phoenix to MBJ sounds A LOT better!

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    Seems silly when we get direct flights from the UK, still the US is that much bigger!

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    I dream of a direct flight from San Francisco, which is actually on the west coast.

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    San Francisco would be awesome!!!!


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    I remember those nonstop flights from SFO! A nap on on the plane, no wait at customs at 7:00 AM, breakfast at Couples, and tennis in the morning and a dirty bannana afterwards!


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    I am hoping for direct out of Seattle or Portland!

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    Default Shandi - Question

    I went online to USairways website and I cannot seem to find these flights after March 2010. Are these flights only for a limited time?

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