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    My wife and I were told about this resort from a friend of ours. They spoke very highly of CN. I did some research of this paticular resort and didn't really find anything to be alarmed about. We were in the Dominican Republic a couple years ago, and from what I've seen, CN is a lot smaller resort...not a big deal at all. On the PLUS side...CN is a adult only resort. The resort in the DR allowed kids. I love kids....but some place should be left for the adults to enjoy, know what I mean? How is the food at Couples Negril? A couple of the reviews that I've read said that the food was a really hit or miss. I don't really pay too much attention to others reviews...otherwise, I start second guessing myself. Well, everything else at CN looks really, really good. We're both so very excited and yet we don't leave until January 2012......let the countdown begin.


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    Hi and welcome to the Couples Family!

    We have 179 days to go. We are headed back to Couples Negril for the 5th time after a week at Couples Sans Souci. We honeymooned at CN and it is definitely our favorite of the 4 Couples resorts. The food has always been fantastic. The staff treats you like royalty and the atmosphere is unbeatable! If you liked the DR, you will love Couples.

    When you arrive, stop at the Guest Relations desk in the lobby and check out all they have to offer that needs to be scheduled in advance. Do the same at the water sports hut on the beach and stop at the Tour Desk in the lobby if you’re interested in any off-resort, non-included excursions. The Spa is great. Get a Couples Massage in the tree house and go on the Cat Cruise. Walk down the beach to the right (as you’re facing the ocean) and check out the locals selling their wares.

    I'd tell you to have a great time, but I already know you will!
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    The food is phenomenal! So much variety and everything is just delish. Nothing like ordering filet mignon with a side of rack of lamb...they are very catering to your requests! We made friends on our first trip to CN, who later went to the DR...they advised that it totally did not compare. The number of repeaters at the Couples resorts should be your first clue that it's going to be amazing. I've seen folks on here who are working on their 10th to 20th trip, that alone should tell you it's an ok place to go. The kid free atmosphere is hard to beat and the peacefulness is outstanding! We don't have kids, so why would we want to vacation with other people's kids?! Did I mention the romance, the totally chill atmosphere, and the most beautiful beach? Love, love, love CN and so very looking forward to our third trip in August! This said from a couple who does not like to repeat vacations! lol

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    We took our first trip to CN in November of 2009 and for about six months prior, I read this board every day. I knew somewhat what to expect but was still blown away by the place. We returned last year and I was afraid it would not live up to the first year. We had so much MORE fun, and I"m not sure how, but it was incredible. We are returning this year again and can't say enough how excited we are again. The food is fabulous, the staff is incredible and goes out of their way to make sure you are enjoying your vacation. Not just a little, but a lot. They truly seem to enjoy their job too and don't make you feel like you are making them work. IT is beautiful there. I keep looking at CSA to see if we want to try it sometime, but simply can't give up what we know and love so much. Be prepared to be WOWWWWWWD

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    Have been to CN in February the last 3 years, and alas have a long 219 days and 23 hours until our next February trip. Just remember to relax and there is really no problem mon. Never gained more then a pound of weight on the cruises we took but this last trip to CN was good for an additional 8 pounds. Not certain how much of that was alcohol. How well do we love it, besides 219 days we have 470 days to the next trip, yep, twice in 2012, February and October.

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    smroot guess we'll see you there! We have 222 days as of July 17th!

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