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    Default Split between Swept Away and Tower Isle?

    My husband and I are planning a week trip to Swept Away in May 2012, but I was wondering if its possible to split the trip between Swept Away and Tower Isle? Does anyone know how that would work? Would I have to book the two locations separately? Will Couples provide the transportation from one location to the other? I know the Couples Rewards provides an exchange, but it looks like its only if the resort is in the same location. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!!

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    It can be done and is done all the time. I just don't know how, so hopefully someone who has done this will respond. Did you call Couples Reservations?

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    Default Something to consider...

    Hi there

    Having done a few split stays (we just booked another for 2012) my concern is that one week to do a split between Swept Away and Tower Isle might be tough as this may not be enough time to do both. We have never done a split between Negril and Ocho Rios before because of the travel time between each resort (you are looking at about three hours to get from Swept Away to Tower isle). When you factor the travel time from the Airport to Negril upon your arrival and then from Ocho Rios back to the airport when you return, you are giving about 6.5 hours of your one week stay to travel...and we all know how fast a week goes! Plus, it takes a day to settle in to any resort and find your "grove". Perhaps if you want to do a split consider staying at Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril or Couples Tower Isle and Couples Sans Souci to reduce the travel time as they are literally minutes apart from one another...or if possible, add a few extra days to your trip? 10 days and I would say go for it, but a week may not be enough time....


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    Travel time from a Negril resort to an Ocho Rios resort is less than 2 1/2 hours if you leave at 6 in the morning. You can transfer between resorts at anytime that you choose and Couples pays for the whole trip. You do not have to stop at the airport anymore. We have done it this way three times. So you really donít lose any resort time at all if you just get up 2 hours earlier than normal. You make it to the second resort in time for breakfast.

    You may be without a room for a few hours (check in time is 4PM), but your room may be ready when you arrive. If not, they will provide a safe for your valuables and a semi-secure place for your luggage. They will provide you with beach towels and a place to shower. You will have full run of the resort and contrary to popular belief, you can reserve reservation restaurant diners and water sports without a room number. We have done it many times

    But still, a week is really not enough time to do a split. There will be so much to see and do at CSA after 3 or 4 days that you will be really disappointed to have to leave for another resort. The Couples resorts are not ordinary hotels with a pool and gift shop. They are more like a small city of activities, entertainment and relaxation. With only a week, you won't even get a chance to eat at all the restaurants at the two resorts. Save CTI for your second trip to Couples Jamaica. And, if you are like most of us, you will return to Couples (again and again)!
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    We were thinking of doing a CSA/CTI split with 10 days and decided there was simply not enough time! We instead are doing a 3/7 split with the "J" resort and CTI this August. THEN we booked 7 nights with CSA for next August.

    This allowed us to get the best of all worlds and SAVE lots of money. By booking CSA for 8/2012 we got the early bird rates, the $300.00 resort credit and love away plan. We then got CTI on a GREAT Wednesday special for this August!

    If you can add a few days you can STILL get the early bird rates for CTI/$300.00 resort credit/Love away plan until July 30th or August 30th. The rates for CSA are still pretty good now also.

    IMO, 7 days is not enough time to do a split...10 days is on the cusp if you have any distance to travel.....2 weeks is perfect!

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    We have now visited all 4 couples resorts, including a split stay between CN and CSA in 2007. We love all 4 resorts!! Would only consider a split between the 2 in Negril and the 2 in Ocho Rios, to save time on driving. However, we totally would do another split, cuz they are all so great!

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    Make it 8 days and stay at both for 4 nights.
    We just got done doing a (8day) CTI-CSA vacation split. (6/23/11-7/1/11) We both think it was the best idea we ever came up with.
    We went to CTI first for 4 nights then went to CSA for another 4 nights. Couples provides transportation between the resorts without stopping at the airport. We booked both places at the same place and everything worked out great. I would have been great to stay at either longer than 4 days. But for the 8 days it was GREAT!!! CTI is closer to Dunn's River and Bob Marley 9-mile tour, less travel time to both places. Yet, you can't miss out on the 7 miles of white sand beaches of Jamaica at CSA.
    We couldn't decide which to do so we did both. A most excellent choice!!! Plus its like taking 2 vacations during one trip.
    Next up CSS & CN!!!
    If we could get away for 4 weeks we would spend a week at ALL 4 of the resorts.


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    Would TIM Air be an option? If it's in your budget that will take care of the time issue with the 3 hours drive.

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    Thanks Everyone for your ideas!! We've actually stayed at Couples Negril last year for our honeymoon and fell in love! We were suppose to try Swept Away for our anniversary this year, but at the last minute just couldn't make it. But, we are definitely going for our 2nd Wedding anniversary next year and since we absolutely loved Negril, we knew Swept Away would be the best choice. It gives us a chance to still stay in Negril, but experience another Couples resort. While I had my mind set on that, I also started looking into Tower Isle and thought wow this also looks like a very nice resort, maybe we should try it out while we're in Jamaica?? But, I really didn't want to limit my stay at our beloved Negril! So, I think we may split the stay to 5 nts at CSA and 3 nts at CTI. After all, my visit to CTI, is really only to check it out and see if this is somewhere I would like to have a longer stay in the future...we'll see! Either way I plan on enjoying my entire stay in Jamaica!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumh20 View Post
    We have now visited all 4 couples resorts, including a split stay between CN and CSA in 2007. We love all 4 resorts!! Would only consider a split between the 2 in Negril and the 2 in Ocho Rios, to save time on driving. However, we totally would do another split, cuz they are all so great!
    I agree. We did a CTI/CSS split and it was great not having to travel more than 10 minutes or so between resorts. We did a week at each. I personally wouldn't do less than that at each resort, particularly for the first time. Maybe 5 days min. at each. There's just so much to try out, like the beach party and the gala, as well as all the restuarants, and don't forget included excursions. After a week everything repeats so a split is great for longer stays. The only down side was packing up and unpacking inbetween.

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    A couple of years ago, we split from CTI and CN and Couples provides transportation. We had a great driver who was a very good conversationalist and time flew by. It's better if you travel fairly early in the a.m., not as much traffic. We stopped once for a break and were at CN before noon.

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