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    for a 6 night stay, what night would be best to omit from trip, or what day/night should we be sure not to miss. thanks for input.

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    I would be sure to be there on Friday night when all the restaurants serve lobster.

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    I am going to have to say it really doesn't matter what nights you are there. They are all good. Don't worry about that. JUST GO!!!

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    We stayed Sun to Sat twice. The first time by chance; the second time to be there for lobster night (Friday). Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with any check in day. It is a wonderful place.

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    I agree....don't miss Friday. Lobster night is not to be missed.

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    In my opinion, if you have to miss a night, I'd miss Sunday night. The resort seems "slower paced" on Sunday with not as much going on ........ I assume due to so many people traveling on that day. They either haven't got there yet or they're leaving or they're tired from a travel day. I don't know, but it just seems like not as much goes on on a Sunday. I would not miss Thursday (Beach Party), Friday (Lobster Night), & Saturday (International Buffet) at the pool.

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    I agree with my dear friend Maxernie..
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    I also agree with Maxernie and Tommywommy!
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    Default Bonfire on the beach

    Don't miss Thursday's bonfire on the beach at 10:00 PM. When we were there last time we enjoyed the best live acoustic music by Shyam, what a memory. The best solution...stay 7 nights if you can. Hope you have a wonderful experience at Couples!

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    Have booked CN for 2/7 - 2/14/10. First Couples booking. Glad for all tips and suggestions! We're in our 50's, hoping to meet other couples booked for that week. thanx

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    I'm sure glad we were there last Sunday night to hear AJ Brown sing "A Time to Say Goodbye". In my opinion, he sings this better than Andrea Bocelli. My food arrived as the music started and went untouched until he was finished. EVERYONE was in awe of this absolutely spectacular performance. He brought tears to my eyes. I hope he is performing again at CN when we go back in December. Simply breathtaking.

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    I have to agree with Sunday

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    I had to laugh at this, because Sunday is our recovery day. We always arrive on Saturday, and try to drink every drink in sight LOL, thank God for Sunday!!!

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    Look, the nights you stay will be determined by your airline's seat vacancy when you book more than any other factor. The cheap seats are usually mid week. Other than that, look at the CN site and the list of daily activities. The beach party is on Thursday . I think there is no scuba diving on Sunday.

    We decided on a Garden view this year so we could stay another night (we only sleep in the room anyway).

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    Hey wallynbuck, this is Mike and Dana from MD, we will be going to Couples Negril also. Feb. 7th to Feb. 12th. Hope to meet up with you. We are also first timers to Couples.

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    Default Feb 14

    Last year they moved Lobster Night from Friday to Valentines Day - they may do it again this year since it is Sunday.

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    Sunday would be the best day to miss.
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    We are coming Tuesday to tuesday, I think we miss Casino night both times, or we are there the day we arrive, but not sure what good the auction does us then.

    LOOKING FORWARD TO LOBSTER NIGHT! My wife, not so much, but I can eat her fill too!

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