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    Default Definitely Coming Back to CSA!!!!

    Wow, just got back 3 days ago and I still feel mellow, relaxed and refreshed! The staff is second to none at CSA. We had a first floor Beachfront Verandah Suite, which was perfect for us! When those quick rain showers come through, you just run right up on your porch! The room service in the morning is brought to your patio, not your front door - it was delightful! The snorkeling and catamaran trips are a blast - next time I would sign up to go more than once! You have to try the flat bread and the pizzas at Patois - delish!!!!! The gym rocks! It's a true gym with machines, free weights, benches and lots of cardio machines. And don't be afraid to power walk or run on the beach - its totally fine. And as good as the food is, I HAD to work out a bit You have to try the cucumber infused water at the wellness bar outside the gym! We did the couples massage and it was to die for. I could seriously write a book about this place. We've been to other islands in the Caribbean and I must say that the people in Jamaica make me want to come back!

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    Couples is wonderful isn't it? That is exactly why there are so many of us repeaters!!! Once you know!

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    I had to try the Aloe Vera infused water at the Sports Complex. It had a unique taste, but helps in digestion. I love CSA.

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