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    Default CTI Spa question

    The wife and I will be on our way to CTI in about 110 days, and we've got some plans. We're planning to, on her birthday, to go to the spa for a couples massage. We've been to a small "hole-in-the-wall" spa here for couples massages, so we know the basic etiquette of a spa.

    My question is, when you go to the spa for a massage or the like, once your treatment is done, do you need to "pack up and ship out" or can you spend some time relaxing around the Budda pool?

    I read the brochure on the website, and understand the get there a minimum of 10 minutes early, I'm presuming you can get there earlier as well, as long as you don't go "crazy" and show up an hour or more in advance.

    I suspect I'll come up with more questions, and I'll try to keep them coherent...


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    You can spend time around and use the Buddha pool. There are towels in a basket. During the spa hours you can use the hot tubs also, but separately. You can use them together at night. They are located right outside of the changing/shower/locker rooms so that is why women can't use men's and vice versa during the day. You can arrive earlier and lounge while you wait.. There is a juice/smoothie bar. Their cucumber infused water is very refreshing.

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    There is no need to rush off after your treatment... you can get a smoothie and relax by the Budda pool for as long as you want. It is so very peaceful there!

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    Couples massage is wonderful there. After you are done, you can spend a few minutes in the therapy room to dress, adjust back to reality, etc. But we went to the Buddha pool, juice bar, steam rooms and hot tubs pretty much whenever we wanted. Even when the spa was closed we used the Buddha pool and hot tubs. I'd say go whenever you want unless they stop you.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I like the idea of taking some further time to relax after the massage by the Buddha pool (sorry about the misspelling,) but having read Randymons post about after-hours use of the Buddha pool and hot tubs, I think we'll not go by after-hours.

    Thanks again everyone!
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    Randy's post had to do with those being disrespectful of others. You can use them after hours as long as you are wearing appropriate attire and respect others who may be using the facilities or those in the garden rooms.

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