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Thread: October 2012!

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    Default October 2012!

    460 days away but I am super excited! My husband and I are first timers going to CSA.. we can not wait!..

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    It will be me & my hubby's first time at CSA also. We will be there Oct 11th - 18th, 2012. I'M SO EXCITED & I JUST CANT HIDE IT.

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    My husband and I will be there as well Oct. 11th-18th. We honeymooned at CSA in 07 and are returning for our 5 year anniversary. It's will never want to go anywhere else! So PERFECT!

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    Default Excited too!

    Hubby and I are also going to be in CSA October 9 to 23 2012. Its our first time there too and we are very excited.

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    Hubby and I are repeaters an will be there again from the 5-12th or 13th. Already counting down the days!

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    340 days until our first trip to CSA. 90 days until our 4th trip to CN. We will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and we decided to go to some place different, so Couples Swept Away it is. Arrive 10/24 leave 10/31. Our anniversary is 10/28, now what to do to surprise the wife.

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    304 days to go! Excited?? Me??.......... OH YES!!!!!!

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    Default CanNOT wait!

    Hey Everybody,

    Its finally official, will be at CSA 10/14-10/25 with my fiance' who will become my HUSBAND on 10/17

    CANNOT Wait!!!

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    My fiance and i will be first timers for our honeymoon in october. 21st through the 28th. How is the weather that time of year?

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    Looks like my wife and i will be celebrating our 30th anniversary at CSA, we will be there 10/3 - 10/13. I also write reviews for Frommer's so I look forward to the experience!

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    255 days and counting! At least I can now say we're going to CSA "this" year! Woo Hoo!

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    27 hours 39 minutes till Couples Negril for the 4th time, 251 days 3 hours and 53 minutes till Couples Swept Away for the first time. Of course that is not counting the fact we will do the trading places one day this trip to reacquaint ourselves to Couples Swept Away.

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    Can't wait for my honeymoon with my future husband at CSA 10/22-10/28!!!!!

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    Looks like me and my wife will be there from Oct.6-13.

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    237 days and 3 hours till my wife and I, along with several other couples, arrive for our first stay at Couples Swept Away. We have visited it twice using Trading Places while staying at Couples Negril, as a matter of fact the last time was 7 days ago. While there, on the 28th of October we will celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Soon Come.

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    Default See you there. So excited here.

    See you there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crazymel21 View Post
    Hubby and I are repeaters an will be there again from the 5-12th or 13th. Already counting down the days!

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    We will be there for our 1st anniversary Oct 1-8! can't wait!

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    Hey Mike & Kathy and Carroll & Melinda don't forget us. Brian & Ann will be there 24 - 31.
    With bells on of course. Can't wait

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    My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary at CSA October 21st ~ 28th. Our anniversary is on the 24th. I look forward to a private dinner on the beach that night.... shhh, don't tell him though, it's a secret. We have never been anywhere like this before and it's our first time out of the country ~ we SO LOOK FORWARD to being SWEPT AWAY!

    Deb & Rick

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    October 10th to 24th 2012

    196 days to go!! Under 200 at last!

    Can't wait to see those pictures come to life at last

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    We will be arriving on the 22nd and staying thru the 31st for our honeymoon. Looks like there are other honeymooners that will be there the same time! We'd love to meet up with everyone. We're first-timers ourselves, but my parents have been vacationing at all the Couples Resorts for over 10 years. Looking forward to the trip! 202 Days!

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    175 days, 7 hours, 18 minutes and 20 seconds till we leave for CSA, but who's counting!

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    My fiance and I will be there from 9/30 - 10-8 and this will be our first time! Cannot wait!! I haven't been to a beach in 5 years!!

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    Maybe Chris and I will see you there!! We arrive on 9/30 and leave 10/8

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    JUST BOOKED .. we are coming home.. we will arrive october 20-27. cant wait , hope to meet up.
    melissa and tom

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