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Thread: October 2012!

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    Default Can't wait!!!

    We arrive Oct 13 and leave the 20th. Our first stay was June 2006. My husband has survived cancer once and I am a two time survivor. In May we will celebrate our 38th anniversary, but we are starting early while we are both healthy. Two weeks from Saturday, can't wait to get there. Anyone else taking the charter from Cinnci?

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    Hi -we will be there 17-24 This is the second time to CSA-We have been to CN also

    I can't wait- we are from RI

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    37 hours and 37 minutes till we take off!

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    Default First time


    My new wife, Alyssa, and I will be visiting CSA from Oct. 12th - 20th on our honeymoon. We are from Southern Minnesota and in our lower 20s. Alyssa is a little shy and is nervous the we won't meet any people while we are there, so if you see us around please say hello!

    See you there!

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    19 days 23 hours 47 seconds not that I am counting.

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    8 days left until we visit Swept away for the first time! the husband and i will be there from 10/14-10/21. this is our third time at couples (CTI '10, CSS '11) and we can't wait to see CSS and meet some new friends!

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    Kyle - Amy and I are going to be there almost exactly the same stretch of days as you and Alyssa. Perhaps we'll bump into you guys and share a drink or two. If not, you guys will have a lovely time anyway. :-)


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    Ya Mon, Three more Sleeps.
    I keep thinking 50 pounds, 50 pounds... but I bring the dive stuff, uuumf.
    Anyway, see ya'll at the martini bar, Dogmon ~fi deh sharktooth on chain.

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    Congrats, were at CSA 10/19-22, and you'll love it. 21 years back we were walking down Negril Beach away from the Negril town area.
    The veggitation was thick in some areas. Then, around a little point, shazzham: Swept Away. 1991 had some larger hotels toward bloody bay, but only little ones along this beach. The hotel had the white powder sand lush beach. The Mahagony Villas with red roofs were shiny new, The OFB villas fresh painted, the Palms, was the Great House. In September the crowd were light, this had not become part of the Couples Complex in those days. The Palm trees were three feet tall. Two expansions later and 20 yrs., the trees are 50 feet high and dropping coconuts everywhere. We've been back 15 times and loved everyone, making lasting friends on the staff, with the owners, and with guests. It has only gotten better with time. ... dogman, with deh sharktooth on deh chain, mon.

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    10 days until our 1st vacation without kids in 12 years. We Can't wait! CSA Oct. 31 - Nov. 4th. This is our 1st trip to CSA.

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    On Delta airlines now!!! Less than 5 hours till paradise!!!!

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Size:  295.2 KB Ya' Mon': Hurricane Sandy is memory for the past.

    Couples Swept Away makes all come together on a great vacation destination.

    Ron ["Dogman"] and Sharon of Boston

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