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    Default Our Wedding @ CSS 10.23.10

    I know I took a long time to post this...I've been really busy & had some health issues come up. Anyway...but late than never I guess! WARNING --- this is really long --- PICS at the end (let me know if the pics don't work)!


    Whenwe first got to CSS we were put in room D6. D6 is not what I expected. Itdidn’t look like what was on the Couples website for the One Bedroom OceanSuite category. We asked to be movedmostly because the balcony was rather small and the smell in the room of mildewwas horrible (I have asthma so it was really hard for me to breath with themildew smell—mold and mildew are some of my triggers). Also, the TV in the sitting room wasn’tworking properly (it was all static). They didn’t have anything available on Wednesday, the day wearrived. They said to come see themtomorrow. We went to the Reception Deskand spoke with Kareta –who was AWESOME! She let us look at two rooms in the F-block. The one on the first floor was blah—weprobably would have stayed in D6 for the view (which was good BTW) & theextremely huge nice shower, don’t know how I would have handled breathing, buthey… Then they showed us F7 on the topfloor. And it was everything I hadimagined. It had an awesome view anddidn’t smell of mildew. The bathroomwasn’t as big, but I didn’t care. Balconywas big and nice. We had our firstwonderful breakfast our third day in JA on the balcony of our room. I’m so happy that Couples shows such greatcustomer service. They didn’t have toaccommodate our request for a room change but they did, which is GREAT! I love Couples!

    Pre-Wedding Set Up

    Asfar as our wedding goes –

    We met with Karla@11am our second day @ CSS. She was sovery AWESOME!!! She took care of everythingand made sure everything ran smoothly (and I do mean EVERYTHING)! I bought personalized champagne flutes and awedding server & knife set from Things Remembered from home. It was a very nice set. And I gave it to Karla to take care of it andset it out on our table for toasting and cake. And she took care of everything. I also bought blue edible ribbon to put on the cake and a cake topper(which was actually too heavy to sit on top of the cake), and Karla had thecake and everything decorated just lovely. She scheduled our complimentary wedding massage for us the next day aswe requested. Also, she scheduled myhair and makeup appt for me at the Salon.

    Spa Treatment

    Thenext day, we had our complimentary wedding massage with Ruth and Marsha. They were so awesome. It was great. They were so great that we scheduled out complimentary Romance Rewardsrepeater’s massage with them as well. And our $350 gift certificate massages with them again. We had a couples hot stone massage – AWESOME!!

    Wedding Day 10.23.10

    Onour wedding day, it was AMAZING! We hadforgot to schedule DJ’s manicure before we left the states and also before ourwedding say so for some reason we scheduled it @ 9:30am knowing that I would begetting my hair and makeup done @ 8:30am-10:30am. Judith atthe Salon was great though – she got DJ to come in and get his manicure earlyand then did my hair& makeup. Shewas great! I love Judith!!! My hair was beautiful and it lasted ALL DAYLONG (even in the humidity which is saying a lot b/c my hair does not act rightwhen it’s humid). My makeup was nicetoo; however, if you don’t have the extra money, then I wouldn’t bother gettingit done b/c I could’ve done the same thing myself. That being said, it was GREAT not to have toworry about it b/c I was in “la-la land” the whole day and I probably would’vemessed my makeup up anyway. After myhair & makeup were done, I went back to the room with our photographer thatI hired, Stacey Clarke, who met me in the Salon. Stacey was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! She is extremely professional, talented,caring, and GREAT!! Words cannot beginto describe how wonderful she is. Shetook pictures of me @ the salon getting ready and she made me feel absolutelybeautiful (Judith did as well)!! Whenback in the room, Stacey took pics of the details while I got ready. Then Karla came up and he and Stacey helpedme get in my dress (they did up the back). Stacey and Karla are so awesome! Stacey also helped me get my necklace on, which we were all havingdifficulties w/ since the chain and lock are so small and we all hadnails. After I was ready, we went downto the wedding gazebo where we decided to have our wedding and there was mywonderful man waiting for me and looking so handsome. When I started to walk towards him, he shed atear or two (shhh, don’t tell anyone, he’ll kill me. I was very emotional but tried hard not tolet my tears run down my face so they wouldn’t mess up my mascara. After that, it was pretty much a blur. I was in “a-whole-nother” world. As far as I know everything went asplanned. Judith even came to see DJ& I get married. She was great. I love everyone at Couples – they were all sosweet, supportive, nice, friendly, and caring.

    Afterthe ceremony, we had a toast and fed each other cake. Stacey took pictures of everything! Once we were finished signing ourcertificate, toasting, and eating cake, Stacey took us around the property forphotos. She then took us off property toanother beach to take pictures. We had ablast with Stacey. She is so veryawesome. I just can’t describe how greatshe is!!

    Ourwedding night, we had a private dinner and it was great, very romantic! I recommend anyone getting married at Couplesw/ just the two of you, to schedule a private dinner. You will not regret it.

    The rest of Our Stay

    Therest of our stay was extraordinary. Wereally had a blast! I snorkeled a lot(DJ not so much b/c he can’t swim). Clayton, Orlando, andMarvin were great taking me out snorkeling and showing me everything. Clayton took me out a few times and he wasawesome every time – he even took my camera down further than I could go andtook some pics for me. Orlando took uson a cruise w/ the captain and it was awesome. I can’t wait to go back! I loveCSS!!!!

    The following CSS Staff really stood out to us(they went above and beyond what is required for customer service):

    Kareta(at the front desk)

    Kishawn(at guest services)

    Clayton(at water sports)

    Orlando(at water sports)

    Dillion(bartender at the piano bar & beach bar)

    Karla(wedding coordinator)

    Ruth(at the spa)

    Judith(at the salon)

    Here is a link to our photo slideshowby Stacey Clarke:

    I’m going to try to paste a publiclink for our pics on Facebook (don’t know if it’ll work—let me know if itdoesn’t):

    Professional Pics by Stacey Clarke:

    Pics I took:

    Pics of CSS:


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    better late than never is right!!! You looked stunning!! I'm so glad everything went well!! THanks for sharing so many details! It really helps us future bride learn and stay excited! ( My wedding is in 27 days!!)

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    Well the wait was worth it. Very nice pics.
    Love your tattoo on your foot.
    Like your colors. I"m using the same colors for my wedding 11/4/11 at CSA. So you brought the tangerine/turquoise ribbon to go on the cake and the flowers?

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    Beautiful!!! CONGRATS! I loved looking at your pictures, as I am planning on getting married in the gazebo at CSS!!!! Thanks for sharing

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    You were a beautiful bride and I just loved the pictures!! Stacey will be my photographer at CSA next May and every time I see one of her slide shows, I know I made the PERFECT choice!

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    First off, congratulations on your wedding. Your pictures made me smile. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. You can tell every detail was thought out carefully. The love you have for each other is very evident. My husband and I are renewing our vows in December at CN. Twenty-five wonderful years. My wish for you is for the two of you to have a lovely life together. God bless and congrats once again!

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