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    Default Just got back from CTI

    We returned back home on Saturday after 13 wonderful days at CTI (my heart). Being this was our 12th visit we felt this was the best. We did the private dinner on the Island to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (we also was married at COR/CTI) and it was wonderful! The staff as usual was great. I've already started our countdown clock for next year!

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    This makes my heart melt! My husband and I were married at CSA April 2010...we spent one week there and one week with out the friends and family at CN. We are going to CTI nov 17-30 (13 days yay!) for my husbands birthday. I was a little worried that we would maybe want a change of scenery because it was really nice getting to switch it up but now I'm convinced that 13 days at one resort will be just as amazing Thanks for this post!

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