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    Default Trash the Dress pictures with CSS Photographer??

    Does anyone know if the resort photographers will do Trash the Dress pictures right after our ceremony? I'm wondering if we include them in with the wedding pictures (pick them in our package) would that be ok? I've emailed Debbie for the photograph package/price list and planned on asking her in my next email, but was wondering if anyone here might have experience or heard about the resort photographers doing trash the dress photos??

    THANKS for your input!!!!

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    I am not 100% sure but from my experience being at CSS these last 2 weeks they will do anything for you!

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    Thanks sunstarsmoon!!!!!

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    We stayed at CN and got married July 12th and they did trash the dress pics for me.

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    Thanks Mallory&Aaron! I was thinking they might, but I wanted to check with all of the wonderful people on this MB that have already gotten married there!!

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    Yes, we were married at CSS in June and had the opportunity to trash the dress during our photography session after the ceremony.

    The photographer was Jerome and he was wonderful, very funny and made us both relaxed.

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    HI! We were married April 15th 2009. Our photographer did anything we asked and was great. Here is a link to our pics that shows our trashing of the dress at the end. It was great and did not damage my dress. I just ran it through the tub water when we got back to our room. Although I do wish I would have gotten it cleaned there because it was so cheap!! Best of Luck Tasha

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    Thanks for sharing!!!! I'm super excited to trash my dress!!! LOL

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