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    Default At Palms eating breakfast CSA

    Good morning. Sitting with hubby eating breakfast. Have a omelet and watermelon every .morning. The food is ok here, not like it used to be. I am a picky eater so there is always salad and pasta. I have been eating the fish every day and I am not a fish eater. Staff is wonderful. One thing now that we baby boomers are getting older we are having trouble walking up the steps of all the restaurants. We can't do it anymore. If you have a disability it's hard, no ramps. We eat a lot at the Palms. We still like it here and will try to come back. Make sure you bring bug spray, hubby got bites all over his legs and had to go to the doctor. Bye for now,two more days and back to stress. Thanks Swept Away for spoiling us.
    Shabo in Milwaukee

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    Glad your having a great vacation!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
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    Oh, the great memories of “second breakfast” at the Palms. Gotta have the omelet and the fruit smoothie.

    Thanks for sharing. Good times and good memories.

    Life is good

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    Shabo! Sorry you are having issues with the wife and I definitely noticed the sand fleas liked to come out in the morning after they raked the beach. But a can of OFF is always on our list to pack. I was on crutches at CSA last year and I walked around to the right of the main pool and up the three step entrance with longer steps. It certainly helped. Unfortunately there wasn't anything I could to at the Great House but take the steps.

    Enjoy the sun for us, and I miss the bacon and the brown stew chicken on the buffet @ The Palms everyday!

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    your post brought back memories! Regarding the sand flees: sorry your having problems, but we've been at CSA in April and in December and NEVER had a problem with then, and if they are there they would have eaten me to death!
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Paridise!
    160 days to go!

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