We just returned from CTI last night. I will be completing a full review and post on TripAdvisor in a couple of days. But some quick updates for starters.

Staff--excellent as always. Still familiar smiling faces.
New Boat ++++
New Dock++++
Ala Cart for dinner on the Patio -not sure how I feel about this as we didn't eat dinner there except for the pool side Gala. In the past we would pick up a dessert on our from one of the other restaurants but didn't do it this year.
The water trikes and paddle boats were gone. This was disappointing.
Private Dinners on the island. This didn't interfere with daily island use. We didn't have this dinner, but heard from someone who did and said it was amazing. $250
Sit down service at the Pool Grill was new to me, but hubby said they had it last year. I guess I didn't order from the grill last year.
Manager's cocktail party on the terrace above patio. They are still developing this, but it was nice.
Repeaters' dinner--the chef came around and asked if there was anyone allergic to what was on the menu. Oh BTW, it was an incredible meal.
If you have questions, please ask. I am sure I missed something.