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    hi all,

    question about the activities on the website. for people who have recently been to cti, are the activities on the website up to date (for example, sunday - dunn's at 9am, orientation 10am)

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    Yes, pretty much. Especially for activities that happen weekly, such as Dunn's and orientation. It's the other stuff, like volleyball or bingo, that might change more often. Dunn's and orientation have been the same for years.
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    We were at CTI in July, activities that require a bus are correct. If you want I could email the list the resort gave us in July. Just send me an email at
    Irie Mon

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    Default CTI - activities

    thank you for your response. you do not have to email me the list of activities the resort gave you. i just wanted to know if what was posted on the website was up to date and it seems like it is.

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