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    Default WooHoo!!! Vacation Approved!! 17 Days in Jamaica!!!

    I’m so excited! Vicki got her 2 ½ week vacation approved today (after they said she couldn’t even take 2 weeks). We had to schedule it around the school year (she works at the university), so we’re going in January instead of March, but who cares??? 17 days at Couples during an Iowa winter!!! Whoopi!

    We honeymooned at CN in May 2006 and returned this year in March for an 8 day stay at CSS followed by another 8 days back at CN (We love them both!). We did the trading places to CSA but couldn’t go to CTI due to the 30 million $ renovations. Now we are getting 9 days back at CN followed by another 8 days at CTI. Then we’ll be able to see firsthand what all the hoopla concerning the new CTI is all about. And of course do the trading places from both resorts.

    As soon as I got the news, I rushed right over to our travel agent and booked it. She even found us some very good fights at a good price. We land in MoBay at 2:37 pm and don’t leave until 3:37 pm our last day.

    Only 147 days left! Can’t wait!!!!!

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    What dates will you be at CTI?

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    WOW!!!! Lucky You!!! Have a WONDERFUL TIME!!!

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    Enjoy your trip Wally....and GO HAWKS!

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    Hi Kristen! We will be there from the 15th through the 23rd. How about you? I see you are on the January "Meet Up" thread. Wally

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    That sounds wonderful. Enjoy yourselves.
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    Darn get there a day before us Bryan and I will be there the 16th through the 23rd!!! Can't wait!!! An all new CTI, plus the anniversary party....I think I have died and went to heaven!!!

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    You are going to love CTI!!! The staff there are amazing!!! We had a wonderful time there, and I can't wait to go back!

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