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    Default In 2001, I stayed @ Couples Ocho Rios, since

    Help!! In 2001, November, I stayed at Couples Ocho Rios. My husband and I want to return to Couples to renew our wedding vows. I LOVED the "old couples Ocho Rios"!!! Now I see that changes have been made. Which is the "original" resort I stayed at? What are the changes? Which would I want to stay at now? Should we go to Montego bay? Negril? I really want to return to my place of memory.....

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    Couples doesn't have a MoBay resort.

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    Couples Ocho Rios had a 30 Million dollar make-over in 2009 and the name changed to Couples Tower Isle. I've been to CTI, but not COR. From reports of guests who have been to both, the resorts still has all of its old charm it just now how a sleek South Beach decor to it.

    As for which resort to go to, I can't suggest one since you didn't say what you are looking for in a vacation destination. If you give us a little more information we might be able to help you out.

    As far as cities to go to, Couples does not own a resort in Montego Bay.
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    We honeymooned (95) and did our 5 year anniversary ('00) at COR. Last year we went back to CTI for our 15 year renewal. Most of the property is the same. The spa area is new and the jungle is much smaller and no longer has those hidden hot tubs. They also didn't have those swinging seats anymore.

    I'm sure you can find my post (click on the profile name) about how we were concerned and nervous about the changes that took place. Honestly, our trip exceeded our expectations (again). There were many more changes for the better than the things they lost.

    A few things that didn't change - the view and the warmth of the Jamaican staff.

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    go back to CTI ..if you loved it then you will still love it now. We are returning for our 4th time and our first was at the old resort. The changes are not so drastic that you won't recognize home.

    7 days til we return home .....

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    We are on our way back from CTI (sitting in airport passing time) and had a fabulous time. We were at COR before the renovations 2x and have since returned 3x. The view, still amazing, the staff, still excellent and the food is incredible. Really about the only things that have changed are the color schemes. The spa is all new and while the jungle hot tubs are gone, there are two hot tubs that are available after spa hours. The piano bar was gutted and rebuilt. They just put in a more secure dock for the island and got a new boat--pontoon boat. One thing you might check into for your anniversary dinner is a private dinner on the island (no you don't need to be naked). We talked to a newly wed couple that did this and they thought it was amazing. They will only do 3 at a time, and each couple has their own waiter. Go, enjoy! If you have more questions, please email me at vjanowski @ insightbb dot com

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    After 3 times at COR and then to come to the new CTI, I had my worries. All I can say is, you can change the paint, decor, and the furniture, but the heart is still COR.

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