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    Default Help ? Great House rooms vs. Atrium

    Hi everyone. Trying to return in August. Pricing higher than we have ever paid...will be our 4x to Couples...3rd to CSA. We have stayed in the OV and the Atriums...The great house Verh. is pricing the least right now and could help get us home but can't find any pictures. We like the privacy of the Atriums and the huge balcony etc...nervous we'd be disappointed by the noise and or hotel feel of the GH. Can cut one night back to upgrade room. Otherwise...CN is pricing lower yet and would be a change. Hubby just can't seem to give up the open air gym and overall the spreadout property. We love the beach bars and beach etc etc...THX

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    I wouldn't shorten my trip to upgrade the room. I've read the ghouse vs are really nice. They are more hotel like but I couldn't give up the beach. Are the garden vs booked too?

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    We were offered an upgrade to a Great House room, and chose not to accept the upgrade....the room we were offered had a view of the property next door with a tiny sliver of ocean. That being said, the room itself was lovely, and I believe that is one of the only rooms with such a yucky view. We love CSA and if I were in your situation, I'd choose the Great House over CN - who knows - you may find you love the Great House rooms - they ARE convenient, and seem to be even nicer than the OVS....

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    I would never cut back a day for a room. I would cut back a room for an additional day! I mean really, you shower and are in bed in the room. If you are in bed you are not looking out a window at a "view".

    Maybe I am the weird one....IDK....I never book a resort based on a room location. We even had the WORST room at CN and had a great vacation!!

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    stayed in both and like them both..i wouldnt shorten ur trip you might really like the gh and the closeness to everything and your in PARADISE anyways
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    We stayed in the Great House Ver room 5204 at the end of June and loved it. We were on the 3rd floor with a great view of the ocean and gardens. We occasionally heard some noise from people walking in the hallway outside, but it really was not often and did not bother us. We would stay in this room category again!

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    We are headed back to CSA in October and had to make the same decision as you. We have been privileged enough to stay in several room categories, including the Greathouse Jacuzzi Suites, but have never stayed in a GHVS. We did not have any problems with noise while staying in the GHJS and they are located directly above Patios and the pool bar, so we figured noise should not be an issue in any of the GHVS rooms either. I believe the layout of the GHVS rooms is very similar to the OVS and BFVS, so we decided to try out the GHVS. We are hoping when we arrive that there will be a room available looking into the resort rather than looking onto the property next door, but we will just have to wait and see. No matter what, we are going home and are going to have a wonderful time!

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