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  • If our stay is within the next 6 months, thenHotel only

    35 26.72%
  • If our stay is within the next 6 months, thenPackage (including hotel/air)

    45 34.35%
  • If our stay is more than 6 months away then, then Hotel Only

    81 61.83%
  • If our stay is more than 6 months away, then Package (air/hotel)

    35 26.72%
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    Default Do you book Hotel Only or Package (including Airfare)


    When you make the decision to book your stay with us do you book your airfare at the same time?

    Couples Resorts

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    It all depends......

    Normally I like to book everything together as it is much easier to keep track of everything if it is on the same booking ticket. However since we booked CSA more then a year in advance we were not able to do airfare at the time.

    Or if we add a different resort chain I didn't know how to add the air on beyond the CTI dates.

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    No, we book our Couples room too far in advance for airline schedules to be available. And besides, no offense but, we have typically found better pricing for our air travel by shopping it on our own. This applies to our last couple of trips to CSA and our trip for next summer as well. These trips were booked using your online booking through the web site and by shopping the internet for air travel.

    That said, for the times we have used a travel agent to book our Couples vacation we did book flights at the same time. These occasions were usually about six months out from our travel dates and we had the agent handle everything for us, usually a package deal for room and air together.

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    We have only booked the specials the last couple of years, which were more than a year out. When we booked less than a year we book through a travel agent because I would rather book flights through our TA because of my husbands health, and the extra help we get that way.

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    We always book the package because it works out cheaper for us, even if it's only a bit cheaper.

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    For us, we usually plan the trip almost a year in advance. We will then typically book the hotel when there is a financial incentive to do so (hotel specials/rates/credits) and wait on the air. We book hotel only for basically 3 reasons:

    1) Low refundable reservation deposit (less up-front financial commitment, easier to cancel if necessary);

    2) Airfare prices are usually higher that far in advance, plus sometimes airline choices may still be limited;

    3) Easier to take advantage of Couples price-matching without hotel/air package.

    If we book within 6 months, we would be more apt to book hotel & air together. But of course everything all depends on whatever deals we may find. So, for example, if you were to offer us 3 free nights if we booked an 8-night hotel/air package with you, I just might take you up on that. Let's find out, shall we?

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    Depends -- since we book well in advance in order to take advantage of the early booking incentives, we are unable to book airfare. In the few cases where we book on shorter notice, we may book all together.

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    Hi Randymon.... since we are travelling from Ireland, we always book through our travel agent. It's cheaper that way. But still is expensive. Would love to see specials for the european market from Couples directly. Flights from Ireland direct are not available, so we have to travel to england for connecting flights and then we still have a nine hour flight to MB. Wish Jamaica was closer but since we can't change that.... We love Couples and will travel. We will be there, for the third time in CN on Tuesday.

    Thank you for what you already do....


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    I book hotel only. I have repeatedly found airfare for better prices and better flight times elsewhere.

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    We book a package with the airline.
    That way we can select our seats on Jet Blue. Otherwise if we book on the Couples website we have to take whatever seat is assigned. We need the extra legroom seats since hubby is 6ft 4in. Also sometimes the rates are better with Jet Blue. See you at CSA July 16th! Everything be irie!

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    If our stay is more than 6 months away, usually book hotel through couples and airfare separately online because it is cheaper and better flight times are available. If stay is within 6 months, usually book hotel and airfare together through our TA for same reasons - cheaper airfare and better flight times.

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    We booked hotel only for our trip in May 2012. Didn't like any of the flights offered right now. Will wait until closer to book flight directly through airline.

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    Default Both

    We have done both! I don't like spirit which is the airline that flew us there last time. I wanted a nonstop this time so I booked separately. Three more wake ups and we will in Jamaica!! Woohoo!!! Come on Thursday!

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    hotel with and airfare with Delta. We use our AmEx skymiles card for everything possible, sooooooo
    we can use the miles for the plane fare Christmas at CSA 2011!!!!!!! woooo hoooooo bringing our best friends to enjoy paradise!!!!

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    We always book using an airline vacation package. This usually gives us the cheapest total vacation package. We also like the idea of buying the airlines travel insurance so that there are fewer headaches during claims. We have had to use the insurance a couple of times. We always use the same Couples approved travel agent for the booking so that she can keep us informed of any deals that Couples, or the travel companies, have to offer .

    Life is good

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    My wife and I have been visiting resorts in Jamaica since the late 80's. We have booked a lot of different ways but have pretty much gravitated toward booking both hotel and airfare together. There is usually a saving for doing that and overall we have found that while hotel costs are fairly stable the airfare costs tend to creep higher as our travel dates approach. So even if we are 6 months out we feel we have done better by booking packages even that far out.

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