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    Default Tye Dying

    Do they still offer tye dying at CSA? We enjoyed doing this, it takes us back to our hippie days. Just 9 days until we arrive at CSA!! Flying out of Atlanta in the AM on the 20th.

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    I did see it on the activities list.

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    Default Tie Dye - Couples Repeaters Shirts Work Well

    We do tie dye at home - the spa staff liked King Melon's tie dyed boxers. We tie dye the free T shirts you get as Couples repeaters and they look awesome. Reliving the Hippie Dayz - Ya mon
    Ya Mon

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    Default Tie-dye, always yes

    We did the tie-dye at CSA and have just about worn out the shirts in anticipation for our Dec. trip. going next to CSS...anyone know if they do the same kind of thing? We had a ball doing that acitvity. We just spent a week messing around doing whatever happened to show up. Since we booked our next trip about a month after our last one, it's been a LONG time in anticipation mode for us. I just hope the weather here at home is really crappy while we're gone. Also, we've figured out how to dodge all of those holiday parties. "Oh I'm sorry, we'll be in Jamaica." works very well.

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