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    Default i want to call home!

    ok, iv researched this and i have read that they have "jus talk" calling cards in jamaica. what i cant find out for sure is to they sell these calling cards at couples negril and are they usable at the resort. really need to know. help me, help me , help me! lol 14 days to go!

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    According to this thread, [ ] you can get them @ the CN gift shop. You might have to ask the attendant/cashier for one. They might not have them out on display.

    We use Skype and our laptop now, but have used JusTalk at Couples before. It worked well and was relatively inexpensive. There is a connection fee charged by the resort for each call places. The fee was US$2.00 a few years back. I think we called home everyday for a net US$24.00 and still had time left on a 90 minute card.
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    Hoping to be able to do this!

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    thankyou needbluewater!

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