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    Default Has anyone gone to Margaritaville and enjoyed it?

    My husband and I are going to Tower Isle for the third time next month. We have not made the trip to Margaritaville yet, but I really want to.

    I have read a lot of reviews about it on the message boards and most say that it's really expensive and they only play hip-hop music. Well, I love to dance to hip-hop. That sounds like it would be fun to me. I know that the drinks are very expensive so, I will make sure to "load up" on a few before we leave.

    So, my question is....has anyone gone to Margaritaville and actually had a lot of fun? Or is it really just a waste of time and money?

    Thanks for your help!

    43 more days!!

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    I think if that is what you want to do then you will make the best out of it and have a good time! I do believe it is what you make out of it and your attitude and I think you'll be glad you did! we are going to Ocho Rios and Negril next year and I plan on going to both of the Margaritaville's.......gotta have some t-shirts and fun stuff to bring back home and I'm sure we'll have a few drinks and maybe a snack...who knows! Have a great trip!!

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    Its know different then any other you spend a lot of money for drinks, but hey they are good : )

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    i haven't seen the point of leaving some place i get free food and drink to go some place that i have to pay for food and drink

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    When I went to CTI last year the people who went seemed to have a great time.

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    This will be our fifth trip to Jamaica, and we always go to Margaritaville each time we're in the country. We have always had a good time. We love the slide, the trampolines, and the staff. Hit the gift shop as well. We always bring home tshirts and other items for friends. Go and have a good time!

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    We went to the one in Negril. We were at CSA and walked about 10 minutes. The walk was nice, we had a drink there, bought a couple T-shirst, watched the sunset and walked back. We didn't go there to party, so I can't comment on the "fun" factor, but it was worth it and enjoyable. I'm glad we did it.

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    It's been 6 years since we were at CTI, but we went on the Margaritaville trip on our first night there and had a blast! We met a bunch of other couples on the trip that we ended up hanging out with for the rest of the trip. To see the locals doing Jamaican dances was a lot fun, and they had a strip-tease contest on the bar. I plan on going back the next time we're there.

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    YouTube has videos of Margaritaville partying..I'm in the same boat as you..This will be our third time going and I plan to check it out this time...50 days left!!!

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    The best thing about visiting Margaritaville is the feeling you get when you get back to the resort.
    Why did we leave Couples to go there?

    All kidding aside, you may have a great time but, if you check this board on previous posts, most have had the feeling I expressed above.
    I figure we can always go to Margaritaville back home, we don't have a Couples in Chicago.

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    tmulligan12 - I haven't been, so I can't help you much with Margaritaville (although when we go to either CTI or CSS next year we plan on going to margaritaville). I do have some questions for you since you have been to CTI before...what do you think of the beach? the rooms? I'm trying to decide on either CTI or CSS for my weddingmoon and we are having such a hard time deciding! If you have any pictures of the beach/ocean you would share I would appreciate it! my email is



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    Well, this will be our third time going in less than three years so I guess that should speak for itself!

    I cannot speak for the other Couples resorts because I have only been to CTI but there is nothing like it. I dream about it all the and night! No matter which resort you pick, I guarantee that you will be happy.

    The beach is small but really is perfect. It is very quiet and relaxing. I love the decor of CTI and our room was beautiful. When we were there last June, we befriended a nice couple that got married at the resort and we were able to witness the ceremony.

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    Sorry Emily, I accidentally posted before I was finished!!

    I have some pictures that I took of the couple that got married as well as others that you might like to see. I will email them to you.

    Whichever you decide, you will be happy! Congrats of the wedding!


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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarmanpa View Post
    i haven't seen the point of leaving some place i get free food and drink to go some place that i have to pay for food and drink
    We always leave the resort for local food and drink but steer clear of tourist traps like Margaritaville. To each their own.

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    We did Margaritaville as part of the shopping trip. The drinks were warm and expensive and service was non existent. We wanted food, but after the drinks they never came back to take our order. We have friends on the trip we just returned from that went to the Party on Monday. Again the drinks were warm expensive $18 for a beer and margarita. They also said the service was poor. Maybe we just consider it poor because the service at CTI is so phenomenal.

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    definetly go and have a good time especially if youve never been...then you can deicde iif you want to return on the next trip!!
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    Default Stay at resort

    This was such a disappointment! Loud rap music, really rude bartenders and watered down EXPENSIVE drinks. Dont waste a night away from Couples!

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    I agree with caviargal. To recycle the old cliche, if you looked up "tourist trap" in the dictionary, you'd find a picure of Margaritaville.

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