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    Default Weather in November

    I am going to CSA in the beginning of November for my weddingmoon. Can anyone let me know what the weather is at night during that time? With summer clothes starting to go on sale, I'm looking for deals, and would like to know what to bring for the night! Thanks everyone!

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    Default Lovely time to visit

    Hi- Congrats on your upcoming weddingmoon! We go each year in November and the weather has always been good. Typical afternoon showers for a few minutes each day, but otherwise we've been very lucky. For nighttime, it's still very warm so I usually find sundresses comfortable for dinner. You may want to bring a light sweater or wrap for sitting in the restaurants, especially Feathers. Have fun at the sales!

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    I would recommend buying for November like you would for any other month of the year...historical charts show a whopping 7 degree difference in high temperature between January and August. Novembers historical temps are 75 degree average low and an 85 degree average high. Humidity is still....tropical.

    However on the Saturday afternoon catamaran cruise (Sept. 2010) it was sprinkling when we got underway and it was actually chilly on the way back to CSA.

    Now go out and get some good bargains on cloths, you'll use them at the resort!

    Enjoy and Safe Travels.

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    Weather is great in November....some of the restuarants have a bit too much air on, but the outside temps are mid 70s, very comfortable. Have fun.

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    we have been many times in November, mid to late in the month. The temp is pretty constant all year, mid to high 80's during the day and mid to high 70's at night.

    I am hot at night but the wife is chilly because she lays in the sun all day.

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    I wear sundresses at night. The temp doesn't cool off that much from daytime, so a sundress is perfect. I've never needed a jacket or light sweater.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Weather in Jamaica varies little throughout the year actually unless there is a storm. November is still hurricane season and in 15 trips we have encountered a couple of years where there were storms. It can be slightly chilly but I've never taken anything but summer clothes. Take something with short sleeves rather than all sleeveless if you are concerned, maybe a light short sleeved sweater to throw over a sleeveless top or dress for instance as well. I've never actually wanted a jacket or long pants or anything like that but that's me. Last year at CSA there was one rainy, chilly evening but inside the restaurants was plenty comfortable in summer clothes.

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    The weather was great during our last November trip. It only rained once - for just a few minutes during the afternoon. I can only remember feeling chilled once, and that was during the return trip on the cat cruise. Never needed a sweater during the evening.

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    Default Dont worry mon!

    I have going to CN in November for the past 8 years in a row and again this November.
    The weather is perfect. Very little rain and warm to hot, mid 80's max. Not humid at all and less bugs.
    I always pack just shorts, shirts and sandles.
    Its the greatest place ever and our 2nd home.

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