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    Default Secret Rendezvous for September

    When will they give an option for Secret Rendezvous for the month of September? Or will they? If so how do we know the rates then. Can I get some feedback on anyone that has done the SR in the past? My husband and I have been married 4 years and NEVER been on vacation. We are so looking forward to a Couples trip this September, but can't decide on the resort, so I was thinking of a roll of the dice with a SR????? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your feedback. We live in Texas and need a little get away!!!!

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    I'm not sure when they'll give the option, but it should be sometime this month! You can kind of guess what the rates might be based off of what the August rates are because they're about the same price if you were to book a specific resort/room so they should be comparable. My husband and I have been to CTI and CSA and this year we might go for the SR in Nov since it's such a great deal. More than likely you will be at CTI or CSS, but you could end up at CSA or CN, but it's not as likely. If one of the resorts isn't "sticking out" to you, do the will be great no matter what! Have fun!

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    SR is usually announced about 60 days out and at that time the price is also announced. There are no guarantees that there will be a SR for September as they use those reservations to fill empty rooms at the last minute.
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