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    Default Advice for first timers, Please???

    My fiance and I (getting married July 16th) are heading to Couples Negril on July 19th for 7 days. I was on this site months ago and saw something about "things I wish I would have brought." For the life of me, I cannot find this thread now. So I was wondering if anyone could be so kind as to help me out by giving a little advice of things first timers normally forget and kick themselves for later. Also, I've heard a lot of horror stories about leaving resorts in Jamaica, that can't be true, right? I wouldn't imagine we'd need to leave the resort for much, but just would like the option. We have a 500 dollar resort credit and have no idea what to use it for. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!

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    Resort credits can be used for spa treatments, massage, etc. As far a leaving the resort, there are excursions off site offered. However if you are going there to relax, you need not leave the resort at all. They have a snack shop / gift shop anything you might need.

    Essentials: A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, you're going there to relax and unwind. Leave everything stressful at home that doesn't involve relaxing.

    Toiletries: SPF30 creme (I prefer Banana Boat) and keep it with you to reapply throughout the day.

    Aloe Gel just in case (didn't need it)

    A can of OFF just in case (didn't need it)

    Extra batteries or rechargables with the charger, and memory cards for a digital camera. (Memory is cheap, flying back to Jamaica for more pics is not)

    Put your liquids in zip locks prior to checking your luggage to contain any spills

    Have some singles or 5's ready for your luggage valet / driver at the airport. They are not employed by Couples.

    Remember it can be humid in Jamaica. Things don't dry out as fast there. I brought 5 swim trunks JIC since it would take a day or so to dry a pair. Bringing an extra beach towel or two helped as well.

    Sunglasses...the darker the lens the better. It's the tropics, the sun is high, the sand is very light in color and the water reflective. Save your eyes.

    I recommend flip flops / Tevas for the beach. The sand is very fine and it will get into any tennis shoe.

    Remember that any valuable will need fit inside a room safe that is approximately 6 inches high, but 13 wide, but 13 deep. We fit a compact camera, a small SLR size camera, passports, a net-book computer (NOT full sized laptop), a detachable hard drive and cash / IDs in the safe without issue.

    Make sure you have an extra supply of any medications of at least 2 days.

    For travel to the island...Carry these on the the plane if you are checking luggage: 1 days change of cloths, a swim suit, all cameras and electronics, a 3oz bottle of sunscreen, passports, your methods of payment. That way you are ready to go and enjoy yourself if your bag doesn't arrive at the same time you do.

    TSA locks can be found at Home Depot and other fine stores for locking checked bags.

    Last thing : Relax...the time will go by fast if you let it. Remember why you're there, and most importantly who you're there with.

    Enjoy and Safe Travels!

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    I think this is the thread you're looking for.

    Here you go:


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    Josh & Nikki -

    I went to find that thread, and think I found it. It was a page or two back so I bumped it. Hope you find it...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Here is a direct link to the thread you are referring to:

    There are too many good ideas in that thread to list here. As far as leaving the resorts goes...if you stick to excursions or local spots that are recommended by the concierge desk at Couples and use the same common sense that you would use at home regarding personal safety, you will be fine. I wouldn't suggest wandering off on your own. Personally, we get so relaxed at the resort, we find it hard to leave.

    The $500 resort credit will be pretty easy to spend once you are there! You can treat yourself to a few spa treatments or buy yourself some nice things in the gift shop. They have all sorts of things to choose from including clothing, jewelry, decor, alcohol, Jamaican spices, coffee, purses, etc.


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    I found your thread for you and it is chock full of great info. From the Main message board scroll down to the bottom and click on page 2, then scroll down page 2 and find ....The "I wish I would have thought of that" thread.

    As for your resort credit, I would use it for the private beachfront dinner, upgraded Couples massage services, wine from the Managers list and or clothing from the gift shop

    Mick from PA

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    Use the resort credit at the spa, it will be easy to burn through that with just a few couples massages.

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    OK, for starters just relax and know that your honeymoon will be spectacular. Pack less than you think you will need. You will likely wear nothing but a bathing suit and/or shorts and a T-shirt during the day. If you happen to run short on clean clothes, they have a laundry service that is very reasonable. Pack 3 bottles of SPF 30 for a 7 to 10 day stay (you don't want to ruin a fabulous vacation with a sunburn). For evenings you'll dress up a bit at the Otaheite Restaurant (a dress for the ladies...pants and a collared shirt for the men). Dress at the other restaurants is not as "upscale", but it's your choice. You can go with shorts and a nice shirt or you can dress it up a bit. You'll probably want a couple hundred bucks for shopping at the vendors on the beach, but the $500 resort credit will be a really nice thing to have. You can use this credit for any of the spa treatments, gift shop purchases, photos, etc. And of course, bring a camera for the most spectacular sunsets ever. Enjoy!

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    My husband and I are 1st timers too and I've been concerned about what to pack. The thread you are talking about is still on here. It's called "I wish I would have thought of that". Probably on page 2. 12 pages of some good ideas. I've been scouring it for an hour with pen and notepad in hand.

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    The "wish I would have thought of that" threads are great, but can also be overbearing. If you went to Jamaica without the benefit of this message board, all you'd need is a passport, sunscreen, swimsuits, cover-ups and evening attire - and you'll be fine. Anything more is above and beyond. Personally, one thing I always remember to bring are small packets of wool-lite for washing clothes in the tub. We tend to go for 10+ days, and I work out, so it's essential to me to be able to clean some clothes so I don't have to actually pack 2 weeks worth of clothing! A lot of great ideas are to be found on those threads, but don't stress over it. No worries mon, you're on vacation!! Go, relax, enjoy!

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    Webejammin is right. If you'd pack everything mentioned on that thread, you'd be killed by luggage

    The "extras" that we will be bringing to CN are:

    A laptop for Skype with our daughter.

    A jack strip to handle all of our chargers.

    And an extension cord for my wife's blow dryer. She brings her own and if memory serves, there isn't an outlet in the bathroom (Can anyone confirm or deny?). I hope our extension cord is long enough.

    We'd survive well without any of these, but have found that they are nice to have.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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