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    Default Mini Bars in Rooms

    We just booked Secret Rendezvous for August. My question is does every room at Couples now have a mini bar? It is not a big deal but we like to have a drink or two while we get ready for dinner. Since do not know which resort, or room category we will be in I was wondering if every room had a mini bar now?

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    I think all rooms at Couples have mini- bars now.

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    We just got back from CSA and this is how it works there...

    On your first night, the fridge will have 6 beers in it, this is the only alcohol in the room. There's a sheet of paper in the mini-bar cabinet that you'll need to fill out and leave on top of the cabinet for the booze-stocking-folks. You check off on the list what you want around. You'll choose from Gin, Vodka, Rum and Whiskey, then white and red wine. Pick it all if you'd like.

    The bar is then stocked before 5pm... For the booze you'll get a 750ml bottle of what you've picked, and then one full size bottle of either wine. Don't forget to pick mixers if you want them!

    BIG BIG BIG NOTE!!! When you fill out the list, you've making a selection for JUST the next day, You need to fill it out again EACH day. If you don't, and you've noticed that you drank the wine "last night", then you will NOT be able top get another bottle until the next day. (yes, this was a learned experience!)

    Know though that the liquor pouring policy at the bars around the resort is pretty easy to deal with. They're happy to pour a single person "4 vodka tonics" or "4 glasses of white".

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    At CN, there is a refrigerator that is stocked according to your daily request. You can stock with beer, wine, scotch, etc. You can fill out a card each day to indicate what items you would like stocked for your personal consumption. Very nice :-)

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    Starting August 21, 2011, all Couples rooms will have mini-bars. CTI is the last resort to put them in all of the rooms.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    love the mini bars for the before dinner and nite cap back in the room!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
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    This must be something new - we were at CSA Ocean Veranda suite in 2007 & 2010 and we had a fully stocked fridge and bar upon arrival to the room - beer, soda and mixers in fridge, 1 bottle each of white and red wine, and 4 or 5 bottles of liquor. We would leave little post it notes on bar/fridge area to request anything we ran out of during the week as sometimes it would not automatically be replaced (normally the wine). If this has changed, I will have to grab a bottle of wine and some scotch somewhere for the first evening !

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    We will be doing the SR August 18th -21st. I'm assuming that if were at CTI we will probably be in a garden view room so do this mean there will not be a mini bar in the room yet?

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    It sounds like your setup was like that in the website pics!

    The tally-sheet that was in our room was split into two sections, the top was what is always there (and the amounts of each), the bottom was the optional stuff and a space for a single checkmark. So, the top was pop, water & beer. The bottom was mixers (including juices!), wine and booze.

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    just got to cti yesterday the garden view room does not have a mini-fridge

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    CTi will not have mini-bars until 8/21

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    The mini bars are to be put into all rooms at CTI in August according to a previous post by Randymon.

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    Make sure you take a certain amount of patience with you to deal with the minibars. It was always fun to get back to the room to see how they interpreted my request for 4 diet pepsi, 4 club soda, and 4 beer. That's all I've ever wanted and it doesn't seem to me to be that outrageous of a request...but really 1 time out of 7 they got it right. Not that they didn't leave enough drinks, but 7 beers doesn't really help if you only leave 1 diet pepsi.

    Next trip, I'm bringing preprinted neon pink sheets with my request in very large print and tenting them in the fridge each day. Hopefully, I'll have success!

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    The first 2 times we went to CSA there was a fully stocked bar with bottles of wine and spirits.
    When we returned in Jan 2011 this had changed. You had to fillout the card each day to get more than a few cans of Caribe
    beer. I think they automatically give you a few bottles of water each day unless they have switched to the reusable bottle.

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    The first time we were at CSA in 2009 we walked into our room looked around and fell in love with the place!
    We were just so happy to be there, we then open the minibar smiled made a drink and were off to explore the resort. In december 2010 our mini bar was not stocked and we had to fill out the card the only problem was it was not filled until late afternoon the next day.
    That's almost 24 hrs without the mini bar and that is just not ok.

    Please Randymon change things back to having the minibars at least semi stocked when guests arrive.
    We aren't complainers at all but this last trip we were only able to stay four nights and the entire first night and next day we could not use it. My husband used to be a bartender and I love having him make our drinks for us while we are in our room together.

    Does anyone else feel the same way?
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