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    Default golf games/ resort advice

    I am about to book a couples vacation for October.
    Is the golf popular, is there usually single players like my self looking for a game or will my wife become my reserve caddy
    Which is considered the most lively Couples resort. ?
    Do you have to pay for any of the restaurants or only for the meal on the beach ?


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    Couples is truly all-inclusive. You don't pay anything extra for any restaurant or drinks or water activities including diving, glass bottom boat ride, and snorkeling. Couples really is the most inclusive all-inclusive. If you want to do the dinner on the beach, this is an extra activity that is not included and there is a Manager's special wine list that is not included. Otherwise the only other thing you pay for is spa services.

    As far as the most lively resort, it really depends on the week you are there and the crowd at the time. I suggest just looking at all the resorts and read the reviews of them. One resort will eventually stand out to you and that's the one you should go to.
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    As for golf, you will surely be able to find someone to buddy up with, either as a 2, 3, or 4-some. Even if you bring your wife as your "reserve caddy", you will need a real one on the course (caddy is mandatory), at least at Negril Hills on the west side of the island.

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    Well Braveheart as far as golf goes it's not that popular but you will find a few people who need to get their golf fix while there. We've been to CTI and CSA and played golf during both trips. The better more conventional "S-Resort", formerly Upton GC, course is in Ocho Rios where CSS & CTI are located. Negril where CSA & CN are located has Negril Hills which is very hilly. My buddies and I walked both courses and got a great workout in Negril. They have manditory caddies so your wife can just kick back on the beach while you enjoy your round. It'll cost you to rent clubs ($15-20), optional cart ($37 alone), caddie ($15), caddie tip ($20) & a few drinks during the round. We saved the cart fee and had a great time walking the courses with the caddies.
    Now the most lively resort, that's a matter of opinion for what you're looking for. CN has it at the central pool where all the action is if you want daytime activities. All of the resorts have entertainment in the evenings but CSA seems to have more fun in the Aura Lounge at the piano bar and in the adjacent dance club with a live band or DJ in the late evenings.
    If you're a gym/workout person you'll love the sports facilities at CSA. I had never been to a resort that had a more complete gym and had travelling instructors for exercise and tennis classes.
    So like Coloradojuli says, checkout the website for resort pictures and do a search here for topics you're interested in and see which resort calls out to you. I'm sure that any resort you choose will be a winner. So enjoy your time in Paradise and welcome to the Couples family!

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