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    Default Sensual atmosphere?

    My wife and I have been to the original Couples resort in Ocho Rios and also to both the Hedo resorts in Jamiaca. I would like to know if there is a sensual atmosphere at Couples Negril. Are PDA's seen or allowed? The Hedo resorts are more "sexual" than "sensual" and we are looking for something that is exciting but not so much in your face. If you know what I mean, please respond and advise. Thanks.

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    Couples is all about "romance"! If you're looking for a "sexual", "sensual", PDA or Hedo atmosphere Couples is not for you.

    Couples frowns upon this type of behavior and most likely would be asked to stop or leave.

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    Oh boy, I so need to respond, but I must hold my tongue a little....
    We've not been to a Hedo resort, but we saw more than we ever needed to off the resort. I'm not talking nudity, as you will see that on the au natural beaches of 3 of the 4 Couples. I am talking about passing the resort by boat, and more so about our experience on our Couples cat cruise where we met up with the Hedo cat. The people on the Hedo cat, including staff, were openly doing very sexual things right there in public. They put on a show for us, loving the shock value I'm sure. It was very disgusting really. That behaviour doesn't belong in public, especially with children around. Luckily we quickly left. I can only imagine what goes on within the resort grounds, but at least that's where it belongs, and people go knowing to expect it.
    You won't find that type of behaviour at Couples. It's about couples in love, not horny singles looking to get lucky, or orgies or swingers. From what we have seen at 3 of the 4 Couples resorts, people hold hands, hug and kiss, but they don't full on make out or have sex in public, or in hot tubs (eww). The place for that is your room. If you want more than that you won't find it at Couples. Couples has class.

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    I dont' know if I would use the word 'sensual'. CN is very romantic especially when the sun goes down, but PDA is not encouraged out in the open. A small peck, quick hug, or hand-holding is fine, but anything beyond that needs to be done in the room. You might describe it as 'romantically reserved'.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Not quite sure what you mean, but I'm going to guess "NO."

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    Spike and I find it sensual to us, we have no problem with hugging, some kissing, holding hands walking in the resort or on the beach, ocassional sitiing on the lap at the swim up bar and some evenings we go to the hot tubs whether on the AN side or the non AN side by the dive pool where we hug & kiss one another. I do not know if you are looking for more than that but if so we have never seen it beyond what I explained, If you mean dress wise, I have seen some sexy outfits on some women, including my wife. It is what you make of it in a sense, all I know is we find it sensual and are usually back to our room by 11PM!

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    I would say it is romantic rather than sensual. Most couples walk hand in hand or arm in arm around the property. Maybe you will see some hugs and kisses, but nothing more than that. (thank goodness).

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    I've never been to a Hedo resort but we've been to CN a bunch. The wife and I exchange PDA's on the beach or in the pool and on the dance floor. I'm talking tasteful displays and nothing that carries on forever.

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    CN is nothing like Hedo. It is just a place for Couples in Love. Nothing Sensual or Sexual about it. The only PDA's you will see is a genuine embrace or a loving kiss.

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    I would say the the sexual atmosphere and activity is between each couple and takes place in private in their rooms. There is no public, in your face, sexual atmosphere.

    The real sensual mood at Couples is one of romance. Romance is everywhere. The activities, mood, settings, tone, context are full of romance and love with couples finding fresh opportunities to celebrate their love at these beautiful resorts.

    Try it - you'll get hooked!


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    One word...respect

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    This is a question that is asked now and again. To put it delicately, if you like the over-the-top Hedo experience, you will probably not like Couples.

    What you DO find at Couples is a romantic vibe. Not sexual. Not sensual. Romantic.

    What that romantic vibe leads to is up to you.

    As for the PDA's, well, we find that our fellow Couples couples tend to be far more mature and discrete about how they feel about each other and how they display that feeling. Does it happen? Of course it does! But its not normally that overt, handsy display that you'll find at those other places. Is it exciting? Again, that's kind of a subjective thing. I'm not sure where you're headed with that.

    Good luck with your decision!

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    Just for the fun of it.

    World English Dictionary
    romantic (rəʊˈmæntɪk)

    — adj
    1. of, relating to, imbued with, or characterized by romance
    2. evoking or given to thoughts and feelings of love, esp idealized or sentimental love: a romantic woman ; a romantic setting
    3. impractical, visionary, or idealistic: a romantic scheme
    4. euphemistic often imaginary or fictitious: a romantic account of one's war service
    5. ( often capital ) of or relating to a movement in European art, music, and literature in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, characterized by an emphasis on feeling and content rather than order and form, on the sublime, supernatural, and exotic, and the free expression of the passions and individuality

    — n
    6. a person who is romantic, as in being idealistic, amorous, or soulful
    7. a person whose tastes in art, literature, etc, lie mainly in romanticism; romanticist
    8. ( often capital ) a poet, composer, etc, of the romantic period or whose main inspiration or interest is romanticism

    World English Dictionary
    sensual (ˈsɛnsjʊəl)

    — adj
    1. of or relating to any of the senses or sense organs; bodily
    2. strongly or unduly inclined to gratification of the senses
    3. tending to arouse the bodily appetites, esp the sexual appetite
    4. of or relating to sensualism

    [C15: from Late Latin sensuālis, from Latin sēnsus sense . Compare French sensuel, Italian sensuale ]

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    Our first trips to Jamaica were at the 'S' resorts and then Hedo II & III and then Grand Lido. We found Couples back in 2004 and now Couples is our resort of choice in Jamaica. No in your face PDA's at Couples. The a/n at CSS would be closer to the Hedo resorts Look and Feel.

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    I have to agree with everyone, there is a difference between "sensual" and "romantic". Couples is more romantic.

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    I must admit on our first trip to CN on enight as DH and I were sitting at the bar waiting for our friends another couple began talking with us. When our friends arrived we invited the new couple to sit with us at dinner. As the night progressed it became quite apparent that the new couple were swingers.

    My friends still have not forgiven me for excusing ourselves early and leaving them alone with the new couple....ROFLMAO.....hehehehehehehehe...........

    They sat with them for a few more minutes and ditched them as well......way too funny

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    You know everytime I have been to CN it has rained in the afternoon about and hour or little more, we found that that was the perfect time for some sensual time back at the room.
    That always made the rest of the day very romantic for us!!

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    Sensual is what you make of it. Our sensual feel comes from the way my husband looks at me - I can always tell when he wants something!! And I give him that look also! It's all in how you do it.

    I've always said that I'd like to give some of the younger girls instructions on how to seduce your mate without it being obvious. When I see couples going to dinner and the girl is dressed with clothes up to her neck and just a pair of ugly capris on, I want to take them to teach them what to wear (I like capris, but most just aren't sexy). You're on vacation - no one knows you so dress to entice your mate!! Show a little cleavage, a little leg - that's sensual.

    So, no - there is no obvious PDA allowed - but the non-obvious kind works too!

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    Default It's both!

    CN is both sensual and romantic. From name to experience, the focus is on people in love and wanting to share an intimate experience on the shores of Bloody Bay. This is about romance. The wonderful food, for example, can be considered and 'used' as a sensual experience; it enhances and stimulates the senses. The same can be said for the beach, pool, lighting, drink, etc. The AN experience is quite sensual at CN, as the therapeutic benefits of sun, warm Caribbean, and hot tub are bodily experiences, which enhance the romance, ultimately. It seems that, although defined differently, romance and sensuality are intertwined at CN, with both working together to create a unique setting.


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    I think maybe some of you have taken the questions of the OP a bit too far. I got the impression that the Hedo experience was not what they were looking for but at the same time they did not want an uptight vibe that restricted a bit of occasional PDA's. I did not get the feeling they were looking to "go at it" on the beach, the dance floor or the cat cruise for that matter.

    Anyway, I think you got the point across as far as how guests are expected to conduct themselves at CN. At the same time, I hope that they were not frightened off by some of the rather stern warnings and lecturing about what is expected of them by the "behavior police" while at CN.

    Just my observations of the thread so far.

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    You can expect the vibe at CN to be similar to what you experienced at CTI.
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