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    Default Couples Tower Isle Review June 24-July 1, 2011

    This was our 3rd visit to Couples. We visited COR, before renovations in 2005, and did a split stay to CN/CSA in 2007. This trip we also did the Trading Places to CSS, so we have now been to all 4 properties and love them all, though they are different! They are all Couples and that is a good thing!
    Took a red-eye from Seattle to Charlotte, and then on to Montego Bay and got in my 10 am! Swiftly moved through the airport, sat for 15 minutes or so at the Couples Lounge for a Red Strip and were on our way! Those on the shuttle said, “drive on, don’t stop!” We arrived and checked in easily and received our repeaters information, invitations to dinner and t-shirts. Our room was ready, gardenview 3201, just above the piano bar and overlooking the entrance, but no troubles with that.
    Changed to swimsuits and off we went to check out the renovations and see that which we loved in 2005. Drink and lunch at the Grill…yum! So nice to be carefree and get whatever you want while at Couples! Love the swim up bar and updated color scheme. Everyone was so friendly and we heard several say, “it’s so nice to hear them say, “welcome home!” Byron was sure my husband was familiar, and another gal thought so too. We think they just think he looks like Steve Martin, so I thought I should start calling him Steve! Another employee said, “no, if Byron says he recognizes you, he does!” My husband plays tennis and was excited to see Collin is still the tennis pro. We had dinner with him at the Repeaters Dinner.

    Scenery: throughout the week we moved to different locations to sit, and read, and get wet. And so it went, and not in this order every day…..main pool, beach, swim up bar…the water was rougher and it was windier that our last visit, so the yellow flag remained up for water sports, we did not see the Catamaran go out once in the whole week, and floating in the sea was a bit rough. But the pools were just fine! Hobie Cats were really putting on a show!

    Food: We had dinners once at the Patio, once at the Verandah, twice at Bayside, and three times at Eight Rivers, including the Repeaters Dinner. I still wonder why they schedule the Beach Party for the same night as the Repeaters Dinner. Only half of the repeaters who had RSVP’d showed up….disappointing, but we had great food and company!
    Breakfast everyday at the Patio overlooking the water, lunch alternated between the Grill, Veggie Bar, and Patio. We love to make a later dinner reservation and then get an appetizer plate of our own at the Patio and eat out on the pool deck. Martini Hour on the rooftop is Sunday and Wednesday, though the room binder says differently. On Wednesday they were playing a sort of Newlywed game with all couples…funny, but embarrassing for some! Haha! Loved all of our waiters and bartenders!

    Activities: We did not go on any excursions except the Trading Places, for those who have signed up for the Romance Rewards Program online prior to visit. Loved San Souci! The beach is more protected and calm and the perfect place to float. Loved all of the palapas and short palm trees for shade. We caught the 10 am tour, though a bit late. Planted ourselves on the beach and ate at the grill, with another walkabout and even a dip in the cold grotto with the fish!!!
    I really wanted to make the banana leaf hat, but the first group used up all the supplies.  I did make a basket , a bracelet, and tie dyed 2 shirts! Love those souvenirs! All of those are free! The basket making guy and jewelry ladies were vendors, so I was sure to buy something from them. There is a vendor every day on the beach, but Wednesday seemed best, and on Monday there are several vendors set up by the pool.

    Changes: love that you can now trade your towel or get a new one whenever you want with no charges for lost towels! San Souci does not have that policy. Love that you get the refillable water bottles at CTI! Spoke with Anne Marie, head of housekeeping at the Managers Cocktail Party, and she said it is due to the renovations and commitment for “going green.” Sounds like CSS may be in line for next mini renovations? I miss the Couples Aloe Vera gel and the flaming coffee desserts!

    Other: I have heard some comment that they encountered rude or unruly people. Every single person I observed or heard was polite and so thankful of the services and said so!
    What a great trip! We love all Couples for different reasons! No favorites here and we will probably continue to rotate, or might just do the Secret Rendezvous to save a few bucks!

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    GLAD you had an AWESOME TRIP!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Here is the link to our best photos, including food and menus....hope the link works....

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    Great review...I'll be back home in 52 days!!!!!!!!!!!

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    WOW-Thank you for the review. Your photos are great! I'm so excited to go!
    CTI...we are counting down the days!

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    How far away is CSS from CTI? Thinking about splitting our trip up

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    Maybe 5 minutes? I would consider a split!

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