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    Default Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

    1. Is everything provided for snorkeling trips or do I need to bring my own mask and snorkel?

    2. Does everybody have to have the medical questionnaire filled out to go on the scuba diving trip or just those with health problems?


    Can't wait!!! 45 more days!!!

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    They provide everything but many people who dive bring at least some of their own gear. I bring a mask and snorkel as the ones at the resort don't fit me well and a lot of them have mildew in the seals. I'm allergic to mildew and mold. My husband uses the ones at the resort though.

    Everyone must fill out the medical form. You might want to look at it online somewhere, there are a lot of questions and you might need to get a doctor's note to dive. Better safe than sorry!

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    1. Yes it is all provided to you.

    2. Yes, for SCUBA you must fill out the medical questionnaire.

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    Just found the questionnaire in the FAQ:

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    I bring my own mask and snorkel - I like "dry" snorkels... Recent CSA visitors ... Is Marlon still around?

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    Yes to the if questionnaire. But if you take any prescription medication or have any number of other medical issues you can't scuba without a letter from your Doctor. I found this out last year at CSS. I was taking prescription medication for arthritis and I was unable to go. I understand it is for their protection and ours. So if you have anything even remotely questionable or take any meds you may want to take a letter from you MD. Just a thought.

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    Here's another question:

    I'm one of those people that float like a bobber in salt water, but often like to free dive to like 20 ft. while snorkeling (also have a C card). Does water sports lend or rent weight belts and weights?

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    Good question vacationman. They have weight belts and lead on the dive boats, but since they usually use a different boat to snorkel, they likely wouldn't have weights on the snorkel boat. You'd have to talk to them about it ahead of time. I don't know if they'd let you or not. I seem to recall you have to wear those snorkel vests too, but it doesn't have to be inflated. Just go diving and stay down!
    Also, just wanted to clarify that they don't just lend out snorkel gear on the beach. If you want to use their gear you have to go on a snorkel trip. This is the best way to do it anyway, particularly at CSA where there's nothing to see off the sandy beach. If you want to snorkel off the beach (at CSS for example), bring your own.
    I agree it's best to have at least your own mask anyway for a good fit.

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    I definitely bring my own mask/snorkel/boots/fins (as does my spouse). I'm getting older and my arms seem to be getting shorter -- can barely read SCUBA gauges at arms length, so my mask has built-in reader lenses!

    It's just that last day that I'm concerned about. Can't SCUBA that day as I'll be flying within the next 24 hours. You know that snorkeling / free diving doesn't count for that 24-hour "no diving" rule since you're not breathing compressed air at depth. ;-)

    I like the idea of the inflatable vests...but with optional weights/belts for those of us carrying a C card. I can always inflate the vest if I'm sporting too much weight for my swimming ability. Guess I can speak with a dive master and see what we can come up with. All else fails, I guess I can put rocks in my pockets. LOL!

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    Since you all seem so knowledgeable - I have a SCUBA related question for husband and I are PADI certified (have been for years) but I have one of the conditions on the medical form (sinus surgery). I had the surgery long before I was certified and had my x-rays and everything to get I need to get a doctor to sign off on this again??

    We are leaving in 8 days and I didn't even think about this because it has literally never been a problem with any other resort - and now I am worried bc there is no way I can get in to see the doctor for a physical before we leave!

    Does anybody know for sure?


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    Here's what I'd do:

    Get a copy of the medical questionnaire form - and go to one of the Minute Clinics / Primacares / what-have-you for a quick physical. Better safe than sorry -- if you want to SCUBA that is.

    Me? I'm over 40 and a wee bit overweight (yeah, so who isn't?). We're going to CN next spring. I'm planning to visit my physician for a physical (along with a copy of the medical form) a month or two before we depart on our trip. For me, it's an investment to make sure I'll be allowed to SCUBA dive while on my trip.

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    Yes, absolutely you will need to have a doctor sign you off.
    If you answer yes to anything at all on the medical questionaire then the dive staff is obligated to restrict you from diving without a doctor's sign off.
    This is not a resort standard but a PADI one. Any place that ignores a yes on the medical is risking liability.
    In our experiences Couples goes by the rules are cares about their guests safety. So it's best to go and get a note explaining how long ago it was and that you're good to dive.

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    Thanks for the info! We may just stick to snorkeling this trip, then. ..


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