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    Default Is there an "Elvis" at CTI?

    Can anyone tell me if there's an "Elvis" at CTI? Will miss our friend Elvis this year at CSA, as we've decided on being new and all. So looking forward to our trip...celebrating 34 yrs. of wedded bliss in September.

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    I doubt it since CTI is a private beach which prevents vendors (Elvis) from roaming around.

    Things such as parasailing can be set up through the resort.
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    No there isn't. The only person at CTI is Mike, who paddles on his surfboard into the bay with the shells he has found while diving, and sits quietly while cleaning them on the other side of the rope. We always buy a shell from him every year. If you're on the beach, even if you don't want a shell, go chat with him. He's a very nice man.
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    No Elvis at CTI only water sports employees on the private beach BUT I'd say my buddy Delroy the hardest working man on the beach is a fantastic equal. You'll see him raking the sand early every morning stop by and say hi.
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    Thank you all for your responses...we'll be sure to catch up with Mike and Delroy, and probably give Elvis a call when we're there...CAN'T WAIT...CTI...Here We Come!!!!

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    Default delroy having a rest!

    just noticed you talking about delroy, he does work extremely hard, and is one of the nicst people i have ever met.

    Can you spot delroy in this picture? I love this, everyone is just having a ball!

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    Hi crazyweecheerleader,

    Did you mean to post a picture? I'd love to see it. Thanks.

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