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Thread: June bugs 2012

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    Default June bugs 2012

    Ok, we booked for next June.

    I know some of you folks that filled that June 2011 thread are going as well. Lets get this thing started now and see how it builds.

    We start shopping for air travel in a couple of months. We are out of St. Louis, but we are willing to consider flying out of another airport if is economically advantageous for us. Let's start bouncing some ideas around to see if we can all save some money on flying down next summer.

    Hope the hurricane season is kind to Jamaica this year.

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    We weren't even home for a week before I booked again for next June.

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    We are booking for June 2012. I can't wait, we are staying and getting married at CSA.

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    Tracking prices for air to Jamaica for next summer. At the middle of July prices were at or a couple hundred over what we paid for our trip this (2011) summer. As of this weekend they have nearly doubled from those mid-July levels.

    If things do not improve dramatically on these ticket prices we will be forced to cancel our trip for next summer. Not good.

    I will continue to track, but I am not optimistic. I pray that this is not a harbinger of the future of travel for us. We waited for years for our kids to grow up so that we could travel to places we had long dreamed of visiting together. Now it is looking like travel by air may be returning to a luxury that is out of reach for those of us that do not have large reserves of discretionary funds. Hope I am way wrong.

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    I am having such mixed emotions, right now. We have come to CSA the last two years in June. In 2012 we are going to renew our vows for our 15. Our anniversary is in Aug, so thats when we book for our return trip, now I am wondering if maybe we should just do it in June. Going to miss you June bugs.

    Airfare form PHX was down from last year by $75, not that this will help you dirtleg.

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    Still watching the air fare prices. Down some lately. Fuel prices seem to be dropping and this may help. Hopefully they will continue to drift downward. We will watch closely over the next few weeks as last year this time was the best prices and that is when we made our air booking for this past June's trip. Fingers crossed that we keep that reservation at CSA for June!

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    We are going for our honeymoon in June 2012. First time out of the country. So excited!

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    We will be at CSA June 5-12. First timers celebrating our 10 year Anniversary.

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    I can only find flights at 550 a piece for round trip. I think its a rip off. Anyone have any tips on finding cheaper airfare. I'm flying out of Kansas City, MO for the last week of May.

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    I'm afraid that at $550 round trip you have found a bargain, at least compared to flights out of St. Louis in mid June. We are getting prices at about $640 and up for round trip out of STL. Keep watching, that's what we are doing. It has been our experience in the last couple of years that prices in October - November seem to be the best for travel the next late spring and early summer. Stay vigilant and check daily if you are able. Watch for trends and when you think it has reached a price you can live with, grab it and don't look back. Hope it works out for you... and us too.

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    We're getting married at CSA June 21! First time in Jamaica and I can't wait! The cheapest airfare we could find was $685 pp out of Portland, OR. We live about 2 hours away from Portland and it was going to be $920 pp from our city!

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    Ahhhh..... 1st timers huh? You will LOVE it. We went to CSA back in 06 to celebrate our 30th. It was wonderful!!! We will be returning in June to celebrate our 36th. I have not booked yet but we are looking at the 1st - 8th.

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    OK, the call of Jamaica was too strong for us to resist.

    We have purchased our flights and are starting our countdown after the New Year begins. Arriving at MBJ June 8 just before noon. We should be on the beach at CSA by 3 in the afternoon. Staying a week to celebrate ours and our good friends anniversaries. Also a retirement celebration for my wife who has been teaching high school for over 32 years.

    After the first of the year this thread should start to warm up as June gets closer.

    Hope to see some of you at the beach.

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    We are getting married at CSA 20 June 2012 - soo excited!! Staying 17th June - 1st July, second visit

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    @ dirtleg, congrats to your wife on her retirement.

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    end of june - part of july for us and some newbiees

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    EmilyAndy, we're getting married the next day! Have you been to CSA before, or just Jamaica? Last night I had my first wedding nightmare that we got to CSA and it was a total dump!

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    @ Brynn, No worries mon. This nightmare will not be true. CSA is heaven on earth!!! Best wishes to new beginnings!!

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    @Brynn, we have been before, about 2 years ago and it was the best holiday we ever had! We didnt think we'd be getting married there the next visit but we knew there'd be a next visit It's a brilliant resort!
    How exciting! Have you booked your wedding slot yet? We've gone for 4pm on the 20th. Do you have any guests coming over to see your wedding? Where are you from?

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    @EmilyAndy2012 yes, we're getting married 10am on the 21st. We want to do it before it gets too hot! We're from Oregon and we didn't let anyone else come, just the two of us! My fiance is a really social guy, so I'm sure we'll make some friends once we're down there, so maybe we'll have some guests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brynn View Post
    @EmilyAndy2012 yes, we're getting married 10am on the 21st. We want to do it before it gets too hot! We're from Oregon and we didn't let anyone else come, just the two of us! My fiance is a really social guy, so I'm sure we'll make some friends once we're down there, so maybe we'll have some guests.
    Hi Brynn,
    Ignore me asking on another thread if you were there with us - i'm going mad!
    We are going on our own too! Don't worry about making friends, everyone is your friend at CSA! We met some really cool couples on our last trip that we have stayed in touch with.
    We are coming from the UK. Are you there 1 week or 2?


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    Officially Booked!! June 1-8, 2012 !! Anyone else on MB going during that time? Would love to buy you a drink!!!

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    We're staying ten days: June 18-28.

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    June 26-july3 for us and two other couples!!!
    @okie will be there after yu but you could just leave a drink for me at the bar

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    @sndtrevino, sure thing, in fact, I will leave as many as you want. LOL!!

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