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    Default Hey BOOMER49 (Kevin) were booked. April 2012

    Had to jump on the sale with $300 resort credit before June 30th so we booked Couples Negril for April 12, 2012 thru April 19, 2012. Anyone else going this time?

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    Cool!!!! ...can't wait. This is gonna be fun

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    BTW are both invited to the wedding!!

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    Does that mean your getting married that week?

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    Default honored to have you there that week. Looks like the 17th

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    We will be at CSA April 8-15 and then 15-22 at CN..see you there

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    We will definately be there!!! Congrats!!

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    We're going the 18-25 of April, Have fun!

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    Kevin Boomer,
    Has been trying to find out who you are for months. Am also from Union and have been to CN x 9, planning for #10 this fall. If you see a guy with a big moustache say wha gwon.

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    Wow, Moustache...small world! I'm envious, CN 10 times! I'm pretty easy to find around town, I have a couple of businesses, the one you'll see the most is the pest control company.
    Big white Ford truck with my last name on it, running around town. And if your weekend turns out to be alittle more fun than you planned, you can call my Bail Bond company....LOL. Both in the book.
    Go Wildcats!

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