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    Default CSA - July 10th to 14th - Enjoy!

    Coming back from the Cat Cruise (simply awesome!)

    Horseback boy...

    We called him Fido...

    Nike guy...

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    Pool Bar...

    Wayne the security guard...

    Mad Jamaican Hatter...

    I'm thinking Steak Oscar...

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    Default CSA - July 10th to 14th - Enjoy!

    Sunsets Galore...

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    Couples Sans Souci June 2011 and Couples Tower Isle June 2011
    Name:  IMG_6256 (2) (800x494).jpg
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    1. Our trading places day at Tower Isle brought more romance to our perfect vacation.
    Name:  IMG_6196 (4) (800x511) (800x511).jpg
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    2. Bird "in" paradise.
    Name:  IMG_6111 (2) (800x600).jpg
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    3. Another perfect ending to a perfect day in paradise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by al&jo View Post
    Quick question...I uploaded photos to the contest, then changed my mind on one...I reloaded the new one and thought I had deleted the other, but it still appears as an "attachment" at the end of my 3 submissions...I can't seem to delete there a way to do this? Thanks!

    Near the top right of this page there should be a link for "Settings". After clicking on the link, you should see a page with a number of links listed along the left hand side. At the bottom of that list is "Attachments". Clicking over to that page will allow you to see all attachments that you have posted on the message board. You can delete the photo in question there by clicking on the little "check box" tothe right of the picture and then clicking "Delete Selected" in the lower right section.

    I hope this makes sense.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Default The best vacation at the best place with the best person!

    Name:  P1030759rrr.jpg
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    Beautiful sunset at Sans Souci

    Name:  P1030978jhvljvbjhbl.jpg
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    Taken while snorkeling

    Name:  P1030997iuhiuh.jpg
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    On the way back from snorkeling, so beautiful

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    Just a heads-up to those that are posting more than 3...


    * To enter the current photo contest, simply post a reply in the current month's photo contest thread.
    * You may enter up to 3* photos per contest.
    * Be sure to add your descriptions. They influence our choice of winning photos.


    * Photo Contests are held each month.
    * Photo Contest entries are based on the date of their post.
    * Click Here to view the contest rules and conditions.
    * Click Here for an illustration of how to insert pictures into your post.

    *Entering more than 3 photos per contest may result in disqualification.

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    Default Couples Negril

    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default Couples Negril

    Name:  CouplesNegril.jpg
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    Default Sunset at SSB

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    Default CSA July 2011

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    Night Heron eagerly anticipating his 6:15 Bayside reservation at Couples Tower Island.
    He hopes his feathers pass the "resort chic" dress code.

    Couples Tower Island's dive boat

    Peeking at Tower Island through sea grapes.
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    Default Couples San Souci July 2011

    This was our 2nd trip to Couples San Souci and it keeps on getting better! July 14th-July 21st 2011

    Massage anyone?
    Name:  Massage anyone 2.jpg
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    A baby pelican at the San Souci pond
    Name:  Baby pelican at the San Souci pond 2.jpg
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    Beautiful view from the steps at the Balloon Bar
    Name:  View from the steps of the Balloon bar 2.jpg
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    Default July Photo contest

    Sunset Beach
    Name:  e1saxophonist.jpg
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    Name:  P7140031v1.jpg
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    Sunset at San Souci
    Name:  P7160112v1.jpg
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    Default Contest submissions: Sans Souci

    Sans Souci 7/3/11
    Me and my favorite bird by the pond. I called him, "Turkey Bird".
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    Default Contest submissions: Sans Souci

    Heaven shining down on Sunset Beach, 7/6/11.
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    Still reflections at the pond, 7/3/11.
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    Default The Best Resort!!

    A Room With a View

    Name:  #1.jpg
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    Name:  #2.jpg
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    The Perfect Dinner

    Name:  #3.jpg
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    1) Floating the day away at CSA
    2) Perfect view from the CSS elevator
    3) Crisp white against blue at CTI
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    Name:  07-12-11_1655.jpg
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    Name:  285691_2146067764949_1043913458_2559301_540867_n.jpg
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    Name:  2010_0806_203308AA.jpg
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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Default Don't b afraid. This is business CSA

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    Default The most beautiful beach in the world

    Still doesn't do it justice.
    Wake me up later.
    Picture perfect

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    Default Sunset

    A repeat photo by mistake (not sure how to delete this)
    Last edited by teacherapple; July 30th, 2011 at 03:42 PM.

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    Default Sunset

    We bought a new DSL camera just before going on our honeymoon. I was able to snap this beautiful photo of the ocean using the palm trees to frame the shot. We now have it printed in 3 different colors and displayed as art in our house so that we can always remember our time at Couples. Name:  Sunset 3.jpg
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