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    Default July 2011 Photo Contest

    Good Luck to all.

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    Default CSA - September 2011

    All pics from CSA in September of 2010.

    Some of the wonderful flora near the Garden Suites

    Another beautiful evening from our table at Lemongrass

    Morning on the CSA portion of 7 mile beach...and in the background what a sailboat looks like before it takes on water and settles into the sandy bottom...

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    Couples Negril sunset June 2011

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    Default CN june 2011

    Couples Negril June 2011
    Sunset Cat Cruise
    Name:  267359_1803219168670_1485585277_1511719_5965791_n.jpg
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Size:  27.8 KB

    our favorite place
    Name:  264145_1858594553020_1485585277_1544834_2997004_n.jpg
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Size:  22.3 KB

    the breathtaking susets
    Name:  270676_1803220008691_1485585277_1511721_7083017_n.jpg
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    From our June Stay at Couples Negril. Can't wait to come back!!!

    Name:  IMG_1528.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN0710.jpg
Views: 6151
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    Name:  IMG_1576.jpg
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    Default CN is the place to be!

    DH's handiwork in our room.Name:  302_1209.JPG
Views: 5918
Size:  49.8 KB
    My absolute favourtie nurse shark photo.Name:  PIC_1622-01.jpg
Views: 5850
Size:  14.8 KB
    A lovely but dangerous lion fish.Name:  PIC_1568-01.jpg
Views: 5870
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    Default ~One Love~

    1. The Magic of Couples Negril

    2. Sea Grapes in Paradise

    3. Looking for Love
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    Irie At CN...did hubby do those shirts?

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Default Couples Photo Contest Entry

    (At Couples Negril)
    Name:  HammockOnTheBeach.jpg
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    Reserved, just for you.

    Name:  PoolBarWithOceanView.jpg
Views: 5466
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    View from the lobby.

    Name:  SunsetPerfection.jpg
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Size:  17.6 KB
    The end of another beautiful day.

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    Default We love Couples

    We were at CSS Jan 29 to Feb 5 and CN from Feb 5 to Feb 12. Both were unbelievable. Here are some pics:

    Sailboats at CSS:
    Name:  sailboats.jpg
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Size:  26.5 KB

    Palm tree on twisted palm (CN):
    Name:  palms.jpg
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Size:  31.5 KB

    Sunset through a tree at CN:
    Name:  sunset tree.jpg
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    We love Couples Resorts!
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    Default Couples Resorts are the ONLY place to vacation

    We are Returners to Couples resorts. We started our Couples journey a few years ago on our honeymoon and keep coming back. <3
    Name:  IMG_3580 copy.jpg
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    Jamaican Sunsets are breathtaking! You will get the best views @ Couples Resorts!
    Name:  IMG_3809 copy.jpg
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    Climbed the palm tree with ease to fetch me a coconut. Shaved the top and added a straw...Perfection!
    Name:  Jam.jpg
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Size:  36.3 KB
    An evening at Couples Swept Away through my eyes. In love!

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    Default One Love, One Heart, Let's get together at Couples

    I posted these photos in June and somehow they got delected!!

    One Love, One Heart, Lets Get Together at Couples
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    Default Couples Negril stay

    CN Sunset

    CN A beautiful sunset before our night snorkel trip

    The CN Pastry Chef made this awesome cake for my wifes birthday. They take customer service to the next level.
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    Default Christmas in July!

    Pictures from our trip at Christmas 2010 at CSA
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    Wileeandrr - yes he did
    - we were there over the Christmas vacation and t-shirt painting was something new they had added to the activities, - we talked to Simone and tried to get it added permanently as a weekly activity
    - at the time they supplied the t-shirts but I said since we're repeaters & we always get t-shirts as our RR bonus, we'd love to be able to personalize them on each trip

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    Default Celebrating the 4th of July in Negril (CN July 3- July 11, 2011)

    Time heals all wounds! The British and United States finally shaking hands, unified by ONE LUV in JAMAICA.

    Romantic Sunset with a couple in the water at Couples Negril. One luv, mon.

    Peaceful and calm sunset with hammock, memories of many hours spent lazily laying in the hammock on the beach of Couples Negril.
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    Default The Best Experience of Jamaica 07/07/11

    These are our wedding photos that captured the beautiful environment that we stayed in while at the Tower Isle resort. Trust me these are real photos, and the joy you see in our faces is real as well. Thank you so much Couples Tower Isle for making everyday, Irie!!.

    Favian & Johnny
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    These pics are from Sans Souci...we enjoyed a 12 day stay and flew home on July 4th.

    Name:  IMG_8146c.jpg
Views: 4374
Size:  47.2 KB
    View through archway next to the couples massage room in Sans Souci...soooo soothing..underneath by Charlies Grotto

    Name:  IMG_8339c.jpg
Views: 4326
Size:  27.8 KB
    View from upper terraces at Sans Souci

    Name:  IMG_8105c.jpg
Views: 4334
Size:  78.7 KB
    Flame tree at Sans Souci
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    Pictures from our June 2011 visit to Couples Negril.

    1. One of the many types of beautiful flowers.

    Name:  jamaica 009 (Copy).jpg
Views: 4220
Size:  35.6 KB

    2. Piano Bar wine and cheese party.

    Name:  jamaica 150 (Copy).jpg
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Size:  53.7 KB

    3. Couples Negril pool luminated at night.

    Name:  jamaica 181 (Copy).jpg
Views: 4094
Size:  14.0 KB

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    Default Honeymoon vacation-Couples Swept Away

    Photos from our July Honeymoon at Couples Swept Away. Cannot get enough of their beautiful beach!Name:  SweptAway1.jpg
Views: 4091
Size:  37.5 KBName:  Swept Away 3.jpg
Views: 4133
Size:  48.6 KBName:  Swept Away2.jpg
Views: 4120
Size:  30.3 KB

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    Descriptions for these photos:

    #1 Can you say paradise? The view from the beach at Couples Swept Away
    #2 Just another day at the beach!!
    #3 The beautiful, clear water... the relaxing sound of the waves, and the relief from the heat of the sun... who wouldn't say "No Worries?"

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    Pictures from our recent trip a few weeks ago. Had a blast.Name:  Jamaica 113.jpg
Views: 4132
Size:  25.8 KBName:  Jamaica 014.jpg
Views: 4054
Size:  46.9 KBName:  Jamaica 103.jpg
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