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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    Just a heads-up to those that are posting more than 3...


    * To enter the current photo contest, simply post a reply in the current month's photo contest thread.
    * You may enter up to 3* photos per contest.
    * Be sure to add your descriptions. They influence our choice of winning photos.


    * Photo Contests are held each month.
    * Photo Contest entries are based on the date of their post.
    * Click Here to view the contest rules and conditions.
    * Click Here for an illustration of how to insert pictures into your post.

    *Entering more than 3 photos per contest may result in disqualification.
    Oops, sorry, I guess I should of read the rules more carefully, I was so excited to post the photos, is there any way for me to go back and delete the photos so that I only have 3 for the entry?

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    Default Sailboats

    I try to look for the unobvious photos. Many people can snap shots of the beach, the waitstaff, or themselves standing in front of the hotel. The best part of going to Couples Negril was finding beautiful photos in unexpected places.
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    Default Paradise! CSA July 2011

    Even this doesn't give it justice.

    Wake me up before sunset.

    I could wake up to this view everyday!

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    Default Carribean Feel

    My second visit to Swept Away but my last visit was in 1999! What a great place to get away from my real world!!!
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    Descriptions for these photos:

    #1 Can you say paradise? The view from the beach at Couples Swept Away
    #2 Just another day at the beach!!
    #3 The beautiful, clear water... the relaxing sound of the waves, and the relief from the heat of the sun... who wouldn't say "No Worries?"

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    Default Jamaica Couples Swept Away

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    My second time to Couples Swept Away but my first visit was 1999. This is my getaway from my real world and what a way to relax! I love all of the Couples resorts. Taking pictures is a passion and not many people get to enjoy the sunrise. I love to get up early before everyone else hits the beach! I can't believe I could get the sunrise through the trees just at the right moment. Enjoy!

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    Help! I don't know how to make my entries viewable .

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    Lots and lots of fantastic photos in July's contest.Name:  after the rain at CSA.jpg
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    After a light rain at CSA and a small crab at CSS looking at "logo" fingernails
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    Default Crabby Patty

    Each night on our walk back to our room from one of the restaurants, we'd look for this crab underneath the footbridge by the spa. The crab had clearly spent a lot of time digging a whole underneath the bridge and we loved looking at it! We even got to see the crab feeding in the water late one night. My husband I probably snapped just as many photos of this crab as we did the ocean!
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    CTI 7-18-11 through incredible honeymoon

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    Default A Room with a View--Best Vacation Ever!!!

    A Room with a View--Best Vacation Ever!!!
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