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    Default 3 weeks to CTI Wedding w/a few questions

    It's almost here.....3 weeks until we are there for the first time! I just can't believe it's so close........I have a few questions....

    We are using the resort photographs. I am assuming the charge for this is just added to your room and paid at check out? Is this the case or do you have to pay the photographer directly?

    Is there anyone that has not brought their own music? I thought I read somewhere that the resort offers music for the ceremony? And then they use different music for the DVD?

    Thanks everyone for your help. This site is just awesome and so super helpful!!

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    You will pay for the photography with a credit card to the photographers.

    I didn't bring my own music, was told that they would provide instrumentals, but they forgot, and I didn't notice. They DVD has music in it though. The traditional songs.

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    Thank you so much for the reply. Great to know in advance!

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    Hi Melissa & Bobby

    Congratulations and wish you all the best. We will be celebrating our 29th Anniversary on the 13th at CTI.

    We renewed our vows in 2006 and was better than our wedding in 1980 (our honeymoon was at CTI). Our son who is a DJ made us a CD with a few choices of ours and his. We requested certain ones for the march in and out and then they put the rest of music in the video. They did a superb job. We cry every time we watch it.

    As far as the pictures, be ready to make touch choices. We wanted all of them (approx. 120) and could only choose 36 for the album. The cost of the remaining would have been $10 per picture.

    Best of luck
    Paul and Debbie

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