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    Default CN as social as CSS?

    We were first timers at CSS in Feb2011. What I liked about the experience besides comfort and freedom, was how easy it was to make friends. Maybe I was just nervous, so I talked more. Or maybe it does seem to make everyone more equal. Most people were over 40 (we are mid 50's) and had comfortable (not overly fantastic) bodies, except maybe my wife. I meet most friends at the pool bar.

    We are thinking about CN for Feb2012, as we have been to Ocho Rios 4 times but no where else in Jamaica. Is it as easy to strike up conversations at the CN beach as it is at the CSS pool?

    I definitely would like to go back home to CSS, but maybe we should give CN a chance.

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    We have been to CN 5 times. Enjoyed meeting new people each time there. It does sometimes take a little more effort, because there is no pool to gather in. We mostly get to know people out in bloody bay. This seems to be a good meeting place. Also, the large hot tub is a good place to gather and sit thru the rain showers.
    We have been to SSB 1 time and are going back in October. We love both places. It's the same type of people, just a different setting.
    All of Couples Resorts AN areas are great. Each one is unique and special. Many times you will read negative comments like SSB ocean is cold and rocky, CN AN beach has too many people walking by. I have found both to be true at times, but not enough to keep me from going to any of them and having fun. We tend to stay in the pool more at SSB, we walk back and forth all day at CN going into the bay. The small amount of foot traffic doesn't bother us. As a young lady told me at CN last yearwhen we were talking about gaulkers. If I was afraid someone would see me naked, I wouldn't take my clothes off.
    We can't wait to do a day visit to TI this trip and check out the Island. I'm sure we will love it too!

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    I think it is easy to strike up conversations. We've always gone to Couples by ourselves and stay on the AN beach. We've always had an easy time making friends on the beach that we end up hanging out with for the week. You don't have the pool to socialize in like at CSS, but people still tend to pull their chairs together and sit and talk or hang out in the ocean and chat. We love the CN AN beach. You should give CN a try. You will love the ocean. It is calm and clear with only a sandy bottom, no rocks or cold water coming from the river. We love grabbing a raft and floating in the ocean.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Tol, I will tell you after 8/28/11..... we are pretty social. Loved SSB, liked CTI and now we will see about CN. By the way CSA is still our favorite.... even though there is no AN....

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    There's something about CSS that makes it more open to socializing - probably the swim-up bar and pool. CN doesn't have that - wish they'd consider expanding the AN area and putting in a pool & bar. Plus CSS has the grill which is nice so you don't have to get dressed to go eat.

    But I'd still give CN a try just because of the fantastic beach & ocean. It's much nicer and warmer than CSS. I like CN & CSS much more than CTI. CTI is just too windy on Tower Island and there's no where to swim AN there.

    It doesn't hurt to try all of the Couples resorts at least once! You know you'll be happy no matter which one you're at.

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    My Husband and I have been to Tower Isle, CN and CSS and each one has their own feel and personalilty. While we like the AN experience we did not go to the AN Beach while at CN because the AN area was way too open not as private as CSS. Also being a larger resort it was not as intimate as CSS. We had a good time and meet some nice people but since staying at CSS we have nver wanted to go anywhere else.

    We are not usually repeaters to the same resort year after year and we make this trip to Jamaica every year at the same time as our Christmas Present to each other but this will be our third year going back to CSS. Not wanting to change your mind but to us CSS has been the best place for us. Besides just the resort itself the people both visitors and staff have been the most friendliest at CSS than either one of the other resorts. Even when doing the trading places each year (we always go to Tower Island for a day each year) you can tell the difference in the staff. We go every year and every year we can't wait to get back to CSS after spending a day away.

    I do believe it is a personal preference so once you have tried all the Couples Resorts you will decide which one is the best "fit" for you. Either way if it is a Couples Resort you can't go wrong.

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    been to both .. CSS with it swim up bar provided a social center where CN you normally find the socializing happens in bloody bay...
    the beach at CN is simply incredible cant compare it to SSB however the overall nudie set up of CSS is top notch
    i would try cn for the beach and bloody bay alone ... floating nekkid on bloody bay is simply devine...
    most folks are quiet but you will find if you hang in bloody bay there are lots of friends to be had

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    I am happy I read this one! We are considering CN for a week in April, after spending 2 wks at CSS last Feb, but knowing there are no amenities at the AN beach may have just changed my mind!
    I live near Cold Lake AB, so as you can imagine, the bit cooler water at CSS was not even noticed by us LOL
    I would love the beaches at CN but the convienience of getting to spend the whole day AN may be too appealing to switch!

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    In our experience, CSS is WAY or social than CN. Don't get me wrong, we loved CN AN and spent every morning there but had to go the the swim-up to get our social fix on. At CSS once we got over to SSB in the morning, we did not leave un till past sunset. The prudes would all come over and we would be in the pool chatting away with our new friends. They mostly left us alone and we left them alone as well.

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    I agree CSS is WAY more social than CN.

    We were immediately welcomed upon arrival at SSB and everyone introduced themselves and we hung out all week. CN's beach was sparsely populated and the lack of a central bar didn't foster a lively atmosphere like CTI and CSS.

    We enjoyed ourselves and as previously mentioned it's a matter of preference. Couples simply doe the A/N thing right.

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