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    Default Anyone in the ocean at SSB lately?

    We know that the beach changes several times a year at SSB and we've seen it where there are no rocks at all in the ocean, all covered by sand...just wondering what it's like there recently???

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    In August it was all rocky at the shore. Unfortunately I have not been back since.

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    Hi Karen,
    Jim and I just got back on the 19th. We were there a week and each Saturday there was more sand than rocks. Other days the rocks were there. Remember to pack your water shoes!!!
    Cathy and Jim

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    Hi Jim and Cathy!

    We were there for a day in Sept, 2010, on a day trip from another resort, and it was all sand, no rocks in sight. We had talked to Mr. B. about it, and he said that it changes about 5 times a year. Good to hear that there's a bit more sand there now. Thanks!

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    Hey Karen;
    The rocks were there, but the path right out in front of the river was pretty smooth. We got back on the 19th also. Do bring water shoes.

    Hey Cathy and Jim. we missed you at the airport. Almost missed our flight too. LOL

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