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    Default Need Advice about Couples Negril

    My husband and I just booked our trip to Couples Negril. We are going to be there from October 12-19. We've never been to a Couples resort and I just wanted to get some advice from those of you who have stayed there in the past. I noticed that some of the restaurants require reservations. How far in advance should I make those? Any other tips that could help us make the most of our 7 days would be greatly appreciated. We've heard great things, can't wait to experience it for ourselves!!

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    You can make reservations up to 3 days for the one reservation restaurant (Otaheite). We've never had problems getting reservations. You can make reservations for sporting activities 1 day in advance.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You are going to LOVE it! We are going to be there at that time for our tenth time! Do try the scuba diving. It's free at do the intro and Sugar is awesome. You will need reservations for the Othetie. Book at least two days in advance. See you then!

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    Thanks for your help. Only 3 months til paradise and I can't wait. We really want to snorkel and try the scuba diving intro. We're beach people, but we usually just go to Florida, so I'm excited to travel to Jamaica.

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